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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Last Updated Date

Wauconda Area Public Library District


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees February 11, 2013

Revised by the Board of Library Trustees October 8, 2018

Revised by the Board of Library Trustees February 14, 2022

Wauconda Area Library provides patrons with access to materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan (ILL). As a member of RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), Wauconda Area Library adheres to the policies and procedures established by that group, which are based on the Illinet Interlibrary Loan Code and the American Library Association Interlibrary Loan Code. Wauconda Area Library also adheres to the resource sharing policies established by OCLC WorldCat.


1.1 Loan requests will be accepted from registered users in good standing of any library.

1.2 Wauconda Area Library will not request:

a. Items owned by the Wauconda Area Library unless the item is missing or long overdue (more than one month).

b. New items with a publication date of less than six months prior to the request.

c. Items in a format Wauconda Area Library does not lend to other libraries such as textbooks.

1.3 Renewals are at the sole discretion of the lending library and cannot be guaranteed. Overdue items will not be renewed.

1.4 Patrons may not repeatedly request an item, or have another household or family member request it in an effort to circumvent the standard loan period plus renewal.  There will be a one-week wait between the time a patron returns an ILL item and the time any member of the patron's household may request the item again.

1.5 Requests are limited to five per patron. This includes items that are pending, in process, received and/or renewed.

1.6 If the lending library charges a fee for ILL items, Wauconda Area Library will pay up to $10.00 in a 6-month period for in-district patrons only.  Any cost exceeding that amount will be passed on to the patron, should the patron choose to proceed with the transaction.  Out-of-district patrons will be asked to pay the full amount. Payment will be due whether the items are picked up or not.

1.7 If an ILL item is not returned by the due date, or is returned damaged, the Wauconda Area Library will charge the patron the replacement cost of the item, plus any processing fees. Replacement costs and processing fees are determined by the lending library. Replacement materials will not be accepted. Fees must be paid at the Wauconda Area Library and are non-refundable.

1.8 Wauconda Area Library offers ILL for local book clubs. Requests cannot be for current bestsellers or new books. Requests for book clubs should be made by one person in the group and are limited to five requests for one title at one time per book club. Renewals are not allowed.

1.9 Interlibrary loan will not be offered to patrons with temporary cards.

1.10 Guardians of patrons who are not in good standing will not be able to place ILL requests until the guardian’s library card is in good standing.


2.1 Wauconda Area Library will lend materials to libraries within the United States. Local demand will determine whether any item will be available for loan and the length of the loan period. In general, books and audiovisual items will be loaned for thirty days.

2.2 Wauconda Area Library will lend most materials that are available except new popular items and non-circulating items. Consideration will be given to lending these items at the discretion of Interlibrary Loan Staff. We will not lend items in formats that we will not request for our own patrons.

2.3 Circulating items may be renewed one time if there are no local holds on the item.

2.4 Wauconda Area Library will not charge fees for the lending of its materials.

2.5 Wauconda Area Library will email or fax up to fifteen pages for a single request and copy up to thirty pages for a single request.


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