Circulation Policy

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Circulation Policy

Wauconda Area Public Library District

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees January 8, 2018
Revised by the Board of Library Trustees December 14, 2020

Revised by the Board of Library Trustees July 13, 2021

Revised by the Board of Library Trustees April 10, 2023

1.0 Types of Library Cards & Registration Requirements

1.1 The Wauconda Area Library is a tax-supported public Library.  Any person residing in the Wauconda Area Public Library District is eligible to receive a Library card. Library cards are issued to any patron who presents valid identification proving residency within the boundaries of the District. Identification must include a photo ID and current address.

1.2 Photo ID’s Accepted:

  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid State Identification Card
  • Current Student Identification Card
  • Passport

1.3 If photo ID is not current, one of the following forms must also be presented:

  • Valid Voter Registration Card
  • Current Lease or Housing Agreement
  • Current Utility Bill (Telephone, Gas, Electric, Water or Cable) within 60 days
  • Current Bank Statement or New Checks (within 60 days)
  • Current vehicle registration

1.4 Children ages 13 and under must have a parent or legal guardian with them at the time of registration and sign the application form. Children 14 and older are able to sign their own application with proper identification (or parent/legal guardian’s identification if they are present). Parents/Guardians will be responsible for items checked out by their children who are under the age of 18.

1.5 By signing the registration form, the parent or legal guardian agrees to the following: Guidance in the selection and use of Library materials is the responsibility of the parent, legal guardian, or caregiver, not the Library staff.  The Library staff is not responsible for determining whether materials used by minors are “age appropriate”.  If parents/legal guardians wish to restrict their children from checking out specific materials, they may ask the Library staff to add a note to their child’s record.

1.6 As a resident cardholder, the borrower identified on the Library card may physically take their card to another Library to borrow materials.  Those materials are the responsibility of the individual who borrows them, and are subject to all of the fines, rules, and regulations of the lending Library.  Library patrons use Library materials at their own risk.  The Wauconda Area Library District is not responsible to damages that may occur to the patron’s personal equipment in the use of Library materials.

2.0 Reciprocal Borrowers

2.1 A reciprocal borrower is defined as one who resides in a public Library district outside of the Wauconda Area Public Library. 

  • A reciprocal borrower shall present their home Library card to Library desk staff.
  • Proper identification is required at the time of registration. (See Section 1.2 and 1.3)

2.2 Individuals presenting a valid card from another public Library may borrow materials from the Wauconda Area Library.  The card must have the name of the individual presenting it, with proper identification in order to secure borrowing privileges.  The card will remain valid for a period of 2 years.  Proper identification at the 2-year expiration period will be required to renew the reciprocal card. Some borrowing restrictions are implemented when using a reciprocal card.

3.0 Non-Resident Library Cards

3.1 The Wauconda Area Library District participates in the state of Illinois’s non-resident Library card program, as prescribed in the Illinois Law (75 ILCS 16/30-55.60), allowing eligible nonresidents of the District to obtain a fee-based Library card good for one year.

3.2 A non-resident in an unincorporated area in Illinois who is a student whose household falls at or below the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Income Eligibility Guidelines qualifies for a Library card good for one year. Eligibility is proven by providing the following:

1. Proof of Identification.

2. Letter of free and reduced lunch eligibility received from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  If you have misplaced this letter, please request documentation from your school.  Illinois State Law requires this information to determine eligibility.  The library card cannot be issued without this information.


4.0 Business Cards

4.1 Any business located within the Wauconda Area Library boundaries is eligible for a business card.  The business owner is required to register for the card and they may authorize up to four individuals to use the card.  The Library card will be the responsibility of the business owner.  Library Business cards shall be used to check out business-related materials only.  Personal materials shall be checked out on the patron’s home Library card.  Business cards are valid for two years.

5.0 Library Card Renewals

5.1 The Library looks upon the renewal of a Library card as an opportunity to verify that the card holder is still entitled to a Wauconda Area Library card and that the Library’s registration records contain current and accurate information on the borrower.  All renewals of a Library card will be required to meet the same identification requirements as a new applicant, as described in the registration section.  Depending on the type of Library card, renewals will be for either a one- or a two-year period.

6.0 Lost or Damaged Cards

6.1 Patrons are responsible for reporting their Library card lost or stolen, and are responsible for all materials checked out on their card prior to reporting it lost or stolen.  The original Library card will be invalidated.

7.0 Reporting Change of Personal Information (Address Change, etc.)

7.1 All registered patrons of the Wauconda Area Library, whether WAPLD residents or reciprocal borrowers, are required to inform the Library staff of any change of address.  If at any time mail sent to a patron by the Library is returned, or if the Library learns by other means that the address on file is no longer accurate, the patron’s Library card will automatically be blocked.

8.0 Borrowing Privileges

8.1 Individuals presenting a valid Library card are eligible to borrow materials from the Library when the following conditions are met: (including Parents or Guardians wanting to use a child’s Library Card)

  1. No outstanding fines in excess of $10.00 have accrued to their card
  2. Library card is not expired (renewed every 2 years)
  3. No Library assigned blocks for damaged or lost items
  4. No never returned Library materials over 14 days
  5. No non-payment of fines or other debts owed to the Library
  6. No blocks from other libraries (i.e., for excessive fines)
  7. Parent or Guardian’s card must be in good standing.

9.0 Loan Periods and Restrictions

9.1 Loan periods and quantities vary depending on the item type. Reciprocal borrowers may have some restrictions on certain materials.

9.2 There are limits on the number of items that may be checked out/placed on hold by a patron at one time. See “Items-Loans-Limits-Fines” document for specific details.


10.0 Renewals


10.1 Most materials may be renewed in person, online through the Library’s website (, or by phone. Items which cannot be renewed online include some new materials to the Library or materials that are on hold for other patrons. Items available for renewal may be renewed no more than three times. See “Items-Loans-Limits-Fines” document for specific details.


11.0 Holds (Wauconda Area Library materials)

A patron may place holds on items that are checked out or currently on shelf at the Library. If an item is placed on hold and is currently checked in, Library staff will pull the materials during regular operating business hours and placed on the holds shelf for 3 days.  In the event another patron in the Library has the material that is on hold, preference is given to the patron holding the item and the online hold will be activated to be the next patron to receive the item when it is returned. See “Items-Loans-Limits-Fines” document for specific details.

12.0 Returning Materials

12.1 Library materials may be returned to the main Library, or through any of the Library’s book drops.  Information will be provided at checkout if an item needs to be returned in person at the Library such as telescopes, larger items that do not fit in book drop slot, or any other technology that could be damaged if returned in a book drop.

13.0 Lost and Damaged Materials

13.1 Charges are assessed on Library materials which are lost, returned damaged or have

missing pieces.

13.2 The cardholder will be assessed the full replacement cost of Damaged/Lost items and placed on the Damaged Shelf for a maximum period of 60 days.  The patron will be notified that the items must be paid.  If the patron pays for the damaged items within the 60 day period, they may claim their damaged items at the Checkout Desk. 

13.3 No refunds will be given for damaged or lost items if payment is made.

13.4 Patron purchased replacement items are not acceptable.

14.0 Collection Agency

14.1 Delinquent patron accounts are referred to the collection agency on a weekly basis.  There is a collection agency fee that is added to the patron’s record for each group of items for which the collection request is made. 

15.0 Overdue Notices

15.1 Overdue notices are processed and mailed to patrons after an item becomes overdue. If the materials are not returned after 45 days of being past due, then a final bill is mailed.

15.2 Library card accounts are blocked from any further checkouts after 1 items is 14 days overdue. When the item is returned, the block is removed.



16.0 Interlibrary Loan

16.1 No more than 5 interlibrary Loans can be requested at on time.  Patron must be in good standing before placing the request. 

    1. No excessive fines have accrued to their card.
    2. No blocks from other libraries (i.e., for excessive fines)
    3. No Library assigned blocks for damaged or lost items
    4. Parent or Guardians card must be in good standing
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