Christmas Holiday Closing

The Library will close on Sunday, December 24th through Monday, December 25. We will reopen 9:00 am on Tuesday, December 26th.

Virtual Meeting Room

Our new Virtual Meeting Room service connects Wauconda Area Library non-profit groups who want to gather and communicate online for civic, cultural, educational and public information meetings. Wauconda Area Library cardholders can now host their own virtual meetings using the Library's premium Zoom account. One virtual meeting space is available from the Library through Zoom, a web-based software that requires a device and an Internet connection to participate.

The Library offers use of its Virtual Meeting Room for up to 2 hours at a time. You must give the Library 7 day notice ahead of your meeting request. Assistance with Zoom may be available prior to or on the date and time of your meeting, but is not a guarantee. We recommend preparing for your meeting using Zoom's help pages in advance. 


  • You must be a Wauconda Area Public Library District cardholder and 18 years or older to reserve the Virtual Meeting Room.
  • Each meeting is limited to 2 hours or less, with 100 participants or less.
  • Meetings can only be held during the Library's COVID-19 business hours.
  • All requests are subject to approval. 

Steps to Reserve a Zoom Meeting Room

1. Submit a Virtual Meeting Room reservation request using the form below.

2. Receive confirmation of your virtual meeting's day and time. Your reservation is not set until you receive confirmation from Library staff.

3. Receive a Zoom link to your virtual meeting. You should share this link with other attendees that you would like to attend your meeting. 

Release, Hold Harmless, And Indemnity Agreement (Virtual Meeting Room Use) As a community service and convenience to the Wauconda Area Public Library District (“Library”) cardholders and residents, the Library will provide virtual meeting rooms (“Virtual Rooms”) to cardholders for uses and purposes consistent with the Library’s meeting room policy while the Library’s actual meeting rooms are unavailable use during the COVID-19 pandemic. In consideration for being permitted to use Virtual Rooms provided by the Library, I understand, agree, and acknowledge that: 1) I will abide by the Library’s meeting room policy at all times during my use of Virtual Room(s). 2) To use Virtual Room(s), I must first request a timeslot. Timeslots are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 3) There are risks inherent in using Virtual Room(s), including but not limited to privacy breaches, property loss, property damage, and/or damage to personal or public reputation and image. 4) The Library has no funds or resources to supervise or monitor the arrival of visitors to Virtual Room(s), the conduct of visitors at or in Virtual Room(s), or the departure of persons from Virtual Room(s). 5) I use Virtual Room(s) at my own risk and assume full responsibility for any and all personal injuries or property damages of any kind which I may suffer or which may occur during or related to my use of Virtual Room(s). 6) Neither the Library nor its Trustees, Officers, Employees, and Agents shall be liable for any personal injuries, property loss, or damages of any kind which I may suffer in connection with my use of Virtual Room(s). 7) I release and discharge the Library, its Trustees, Officers, Employees, or Agents and agree to indemnify and hold them harmless from any and all claims, causes of action, losses, attorneys’ fees, costs, or other damages of any kind resulting from, arising out of, or relating in any way to my use of Virtual Room(s). 8) In the event that I invite others to use Virtual Room(s) who have not executed this Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement, I accept full responsibility for any and all damages of any kind my invitees may suffer through their use of Virtual Room(s). 5) I give the Library permission to use my photograph, video, images, likenesses, and edited versions of the same for the Library’s purposes. By typing my first and last name above, I agree to these terms.
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