Teacher Bags

The library has a delivery van that will drop off and pick up materials at schools within the public library district boundaries.  Teachers may request items by contacting the library.  Items will be checked out on the school's library card.  If your school does not have a Wauconda Area Library card, please contact the library to set up an account.  *Please note school library cards cannot be used to check out personal materials for teachers.  They are for classroom use only.  If you do not have a Wauconda Area Library card, you may register your home library card with us and check out personal materials on your home library card.

Requested materials will be dropped off at the school, usually 1-2 days.  Larger requests can take up to 5 days. In order to process a request, we need the teacher's name, grade, school name, and details about the materials needed.  Please contact the library or complete the form below to arrange a teacher bag delivery. 

The van will pick up the materials when your classroom is finished.  Please contact the library to arrange a pickup time.


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