Fine Free

Come see all that your library has to offer without the fear of late fees.

Have long overdue items still at home? It’s okay. Really.

Just bring it back to a staff member and then we can talk your ear off on all the services you have been missing out on!


What does it mean to be fine free?

Wauconda Area Library is no longer charging overdue fees for items that are returned late. When an overdue item reaches 14 days, a block is placed on the library card account until the item is returned. After the item is returned, the block goes away.


Do items still have due dates?

Yes, each item will still have a due date, and you are still responsible for honoring the due date. Many items auto renew if no one is waiting for the item to give you more time to enjoy your materials. Reminders are still sent out to help you remember when to return. When you return items on time, it helps your neighbors borrow items sooner. Libraries are a shared treasure chest of the community.


Will I have to wait longer for popular items to be returned?

our borrowing policy Then & Now chart

Many of our neighboring libraries are already fine free and have reported that they have not seen any difference in when items are returned. Most items are returned within a week of their due date.

The Fine Print...

If an item is lost or damaged, you still will be responsible for paying the replacement fee for the item.