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Lincoln Room Art Exhibition Policy

Last Updated Date

Lincoln Room Art Exhibition Policy

Wauconda Area Public Library District 

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees February 11, 2013

Revised by the Board of Library Trustees February 14, 2022

Individuals and non-profit groups based in the Wauconda Area Public Library District are invited to display artwork in the Library’s Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room.  Use of the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room’s artwork display capabilities is subject to the following rules and regulations:

  1. It is advised that the exhibitor submit copies – not originals – representative of the artwork to be displayed. Artwork can be emailed or copies printed and brought to the Library.
  2. An Artwork Exhibition Agreement must be completed and signed prior to any use of the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room.  
  3. Permission to display artwork in the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the policies or beliefs represented in the exhibition. 
  4. The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the preservation, protection, loss of, or damage to any part of an exhibit at any time. All items brought to and placed in the Library are done so at the owner’s risk with an understanding that the space is used regularly for meetings and programs by people of all ages, including young children.
  5. Determination of the appropriateness of the exhibit is solely at the discretion of the Library Director or delegated representative. Since the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room is used for Library programs and non-Library sponsored meetings, artwork must be suitable for all ages and maturity levels.
  6. While artwork consistent with the Library’s mission[1] is always welcome, artwork displayed in the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room cannot: 

    a) Promote or represent partisan or individual candidates’ political meetings or events (such as political rallies, demonstrations, movies, fundraisers, protesting, or endorsement of political candidates or agendas). 
    b) Promote or represent specific religious or philosophical/motivational groups.
    c) Promote or represent personal or family interests.
    d) Promote or represent a for-profit business.
    e) Be of a polemic or discriminatory nature.
    f)  Be obscene, sexual in nature, excessively violent, defamatory, invade a particular person’s privacy, or incites violence.
    g) Promote or represent any activity or purpose that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright and public performance laws.
  7. The Library will not be involved in the sale of any artwork. If the exhibit involves artwork for sale, pricing must be obtained directly from the artist without any involvement of the library.  No prices or price lists are to appear with the exhibit, nor will library staff give an indication of an item’s value unless this information is requested by an interested party.  If the display involves works of art or crafts that are for sale, the artist or crafter may leave a price list with the Library. Interested parties may inquire with Library staff for a price list set by the artist or crafter, but all possible sales or negotiations are between the artist or crafter and the interested party. The exhibitor’s contact information may be posted at the exhibitor’s discretion.  If a piece is sold during an exhibit, the artist will work the Exhibit Coordinator to remove the artwork and install a replacement piece
  8. Exhibitors may provide a binder explaining the exhibit. Alternatively, display cards can be placed next to the pieces. Display cards can be put on walls so long as it does not damage the walls. All binders and signage should appear professional. 
  9. Set up and removal must take place in as concise a time period as possible and must be coordinated with the Exhibit Coordinator so as not to disrupt programming.
  10. No exhibitor may reassign the use of the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room and the exhibit must appear as described in the approved application. If a group displays artwork, one person from the group should be designated as the contact person. This person will coordinate set up and take down of the exhibit.
  11. No hardware, equipment, or objects are allowed in the exhibit or in the setting up of the exhibit that may result in the damaging of any part of the room. If such damage occurs, the exhibitor will be held responsible. The potential for any such damage may be considered grounds for denial of the exhibit application. 
  12. The room must be restored to its original condition at the end of the artwork’s display term. 
  13. Priority will be given to Library sponsored exhibits. There may be times when the room is unavailable for exhibits due to library use. 
  14. An exhibit will generally remain in the Genevieve Lincoln Community Lincoln Room for two calendar months, unless previous arrangements have been made.
  15. A short description with or without photograph(s) of the exhibit may be included in the Library, newsletter, Library website, library email newsletter, local newspapers, other social media, or community newsletters, at the Library’s discretion.
  16. Exhibitors may choose to hold an event to promote or celebrate their exhibit.  Events must abide by the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room Policy.  Use of the room must be scheduled at least seven days in advance with the Exhibit Coordinator.  Any event must be made open to the public. The exhibitor is responsible for food, beverages, paper goods, as well as invitations and publicity.  Alcohol is strictly prohibited.  
  17. The Library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled exhibit in its sole and exclusive discretion.
  18. If the exhibitor violates the policies or procedures associated with the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room, future applications will be denied.
  19. If an exhibitor is denied the use of the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room, an appeal can be made to the Library Board of Trustees at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

[1] The purpose of the Wauconda Area Library is to provide and promote a variety of library resources and services in response to the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of both the residential and business communities. 

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