FY2015/2016 Annual Report

Library Usage Highlights

  • Library patrons visited the library this year 243,833 times, nearly 10 percent more times than in the previous year, averaging 21,154 visits per month, 4,268 per week, and 608 per day.
  • Total circulation (490,898) down 2.3%, relative to the previous year's total (502,609), due to a general trend of lower circulation of materials from most public libraries across the nation.
  • Total number of borrowers (45,158) up 4.5%, relative to the previous year's total (41,008)
  • There are now a total of 142,631 items in the library's collection, up by about 15 percent over the previous year's total.
  • Circulation of ebooks using MyMediaMall and OverDrive increased by 20.7% this year, reaching an all time high of 25,339 e-books and e-zines downloaded

Administration, Budget and Finance

  • Planned and began the implementation of the outsourcing of most of the technical services and materials selection functions of the library. This, in conjunction with savings related to the retiring of five employees, has freed up about $414,000 annually to use in more effectively. 
  • Successfully completed a $5.3 million FY20142015 budget that included a $2,063,000 renovation project, including post-project follow-up ensuring that all defective furnishings were replaced
  • The current fiscal year is projected to close out with a $62,000 surplus, and this is likely to be higher, because of retirements that had not been budgeted.
  • Successfully completed $125,000 Live and Learn Construction Grant, complying with all grant requirements, submitting quarterly and final reports to the Illinois State Library as required.
  • The average FY2015/2016 merit increase for each employee has been about 2 percent.  It is projected that staffing costs will close out this fiscal year at least $50,000 under budget
  • Administered the budgeting and levy ordinance processes resulting in a 1.72 percent increase in tax revenue for FY2016/17, enabling necessary improvements and the restoration of the post-renovation  reserve fund.
  • Applied for and was awarded $21,002 for FY2015/2016 Per Capita Grant. 
  • Secured more than $10,000 in developer fees from the Village of Volo.
  • Awarded 50% erate discount ($1,500) in FY2015/16 – lower than expected in part because telephone service was bundled with other Comcast services negotiated at to a lower rate, resulting in much lower costs for telephone and Internet service.  Erate discount will pay for 50% of the cost of the new firewall server in the coming year, resulting in a savings of at least $4500 in FY2016/2017.
  • Negotiated a $4044(13%) discount on 3M’s service fees for maintaining all 3M equipment in the library
  • Annual audit passed with no listed recommendations for procedural changes. 

Public Relations

  • Through most of the past year, our focus has been promoting the “new” library to the community.  Monthly patron count has generally been 10 to 30 percent higher than in recent years, due in part to a special effort to bring people into the library so that they can see the improvements for themselves. 
  • Worked with the Friends to come to an understanding about the need to let go of the Bunny Hop as a library-based event, largely because of safety issues associated with the race.
  • Launched new library website that is more user-friendly that accommodates mobile devices
  • Played a key role in promoting the First Folio! exhibition at the Lake County Discovery Museum, not only locally but statewide, getting dozens of libraries involved in the celebration of Shakespeare through our very own #DiscoverWill initiative.
  • Not only were more photographs added to the Digital History site, but when the Picasa platform on which it was based was discontinued, I set up a new means of providing even better access than before, resulting in increased visibility on Google+.  The Digital History photographs have attracted many thousands of visitors at no cost, thanks to the donations of all the photographs by Neville Carr and others in digital format. 
  • I have worked closely with the school district and the township to help prevent Lakemoor’s South TIF district from becoming a reality unless it is determined in court to qualify as a TIF district. 
  • New dedication plaque commemorating the renovation was ordered.  I personally installed this along with the two existing plaques in the main entrance area.

Library Facility and Grounds

  • Worked closely with the architects, construction manager, and vendors putting the finishing touches on the renovation and in managing all aspects of the renovation project follow-up, including signage.
  • Added lighting to the Friends Book Nook
  • Added window tinting to front vestibule and Friends Book Nook in order to reduce glare and reduce the effect of UV rays on the Friends’ items for sale in their Book Nook
  • Concrete repairs

Library Automation and Technical Services

  • Completed all technology projects related to the renovation, transforming the library into state-of-the-art facility that will serve the community well for years to come and serves as a model for other libraries.
  • Updated the printing center hardware and software to accommodate the new classroom computers in addition to all the other public PCs.
  • The planning and negotiation for outsourcing of the Tech Services department, along with materials selection, was completed successfully, and implementation is now in process.  This new way of accomplishing these functions will not only greatly increase efficiency of library operations and free up money for other purposes, it is likely to result in increased circulation. 
  • Added Hoopla to the library’s array of online resources, an online streaming service for public libraries offering feature films, documentaries, music albums and audiobooks.
  • Updated the library’s security video system, providing coverage of all new locations resulting from the renovation and greatly improving the video quality and storage capacity.
  • Completed the Edge Assessment of the library’s technology as required for Per Capita Grant.