Welcome to Kid City

Kid City is designed to be a playground for the mind.  All of the elements encourage children to play, use their imagination and creativity.  Highlights include:


  • A bright, colorful space for hands-on creative crafting with a new activity each week.  The Makerspace is also always supplied with paper, crayons, glue sticks, scissors and markers for a make-your-own craft.

Imaginative Play

  • Giant airplane-themed playspace for preschoolers with steering wheels, buttons, switches and a slide down the back.  Perfect for letting imaginations soar!
  • Supermarket for super fun with play food and baskets.
  • Giant Light Bright is fun for young and old!  Large colorful pegs are perfect for little hands learning to grab, hold, pull and put back.  Older children will learn to make designs by being up close and looking far away.
  • Dress-up clothes and puppet theater for role playing.  Clothes and puppets are changed out regularly.
  • Magna-Tiles, Lego table and train table. 


  • 84" interactive TouchIt screen with preloaded apps, which can be used by up to 5 kids at the same time
  • New, updated computers - some with touchscreens
  • ABCMouse educational and learning programs on computers
  • iPads for walkup use with popular educational and entertainment apps
  • New printing center
  • Video game space with PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U

Food-Free Zone

  • Due to allergy concerns, food is not permitted
  • Covered drinks are allowed