Wauconda High School Yearbooks

See your younger self, your relatives, your friends from back in the day!

Digitized Bulldog Yearbooks - every page - from 1949-1977

The Wauconda Area Library recently partnered with the Internet Archive (Archive.org) to digitize historic Wauconda High School Yearbooks. The digitized yearbooks range from the year 1949 to the year 1977 (with some gaps) and are fully searchable.  Visit the collection by clicking here!

Required for full access to every page: SIMPLE REGISTRATION by clicking here.  It's so easy, and it's FREE!  Once registered and logged in, you will have full access not only to the Yearbooks but to the millions of titles available in The Internet Archive.  Your device can keep you logged in for future use,

Whether you are looking for yourself, a family member, or any other topic of interest, searching is as easy as typing in a keyword. Take a page-by-page tour of Wauconda Area history with these stunning high-resolution yearbook images.


This valuable service expands the Wauconda Area Digital History Collection hosted on the Library’s website. The collection houses hundreds of historic Wauconda area images which was made possible by long-time Wauconda Area resident Neville Carr and his efforts to collect photographs from Wauconda area residents. The collection is sorted into albums such as People, Business, Houses, and more to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

Visitors will notice there are some gaps in this Yearbook collection.  The library welcomes donations of past WHS yearbooks that are not already included in its collection. If they are in good shape, we will add them to this online collection!  We will return your yearbooks once they have been digitized. 

The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to build a digital library of Internet websites and other cultural artifacts with free access to all.

Special thanks to Wauconda High School for granting the library permission to add these yearbooks to The Internet Archive.