Display Case Policy


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees
January 10, 2011

The Wauconda Area Library offers its main display case, located in the front vestibule of the library, to non-profit groups and individuals based in the Wauconda Area Public Library District for the display of civic, cultural, educational, and public information exhibits. The library invites individuals and groups to share their artistic and informational materials with the community.  Use of the display case is subject to the following rules and regulations:

  1. Display Case Reservation and Agreement Form must be completed and signed prior to any public use of the display case. 

  2. Permission to a group or individual to use the display case does not constitute the library’s endorsement of the policies or beliefs represented in the display.

  3. The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the preservation, protection, loss of or damage to any part of a display at any time. All items brought to and placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk.

  4. The display case may not be used for: 

    a)   Promotion or representation of partisan or individual candidates’ political meetings or events (such as political rallies, demonstrations, movies, fundraisers, promotion, protesting, or endorsement of political candidates or agenda). 
    b)   Promotion or representation of specific religious or philosophical/motivational groups 
    c)   Promotion or representation of personal or family interests 
    d)   Promotion or representation of a for-profit business
    e)   Displays of a polemic or discriminatory nature
    f)    Display of material which is obscene, defamatory, invades a particular person’s privacy, or incites violence.
    g)   Promotion or representation of any activity or purpose that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright and public performance laws

  5. The library’s display case is not available to individual political parties, candidates, or to individuals or groups who wish to use it to support or oppose political parties or candidates.

  6. The library is not in any way involved in the sale of any exhibit item. No prices or price lists are to appear with the exhibit, nor will library staff give any indication of an item’s value.   If the display involves works of art or crafts that are for sale, pricing must be obtained directly from the artist or crafter without any involvement of the library.  The exhibitor’s contact information may be posted at the exhibitor’s discretion.

  7. Determination of the appropriateness of the display or material for posting is solely the decision of the Library Director or delegated representative.

  8. All proposed displays must be artistically pleasing and professionally executed.  The display case measures 11’8” wide by 4’4” tall by 1’8” deep.  The display must have some covering on the bottom of the case (fabric, paper, etc.).  The display must have some backing.  The backing should cover the entire back portion of the display case and should be applied over the slots for the brackets.  Slits can be cut into the backing in order to put brackets up for shelves.

  9. A sign explaining the display should appear “professional” and be done on a computer in a font that is large enough to read or in some sort of stencil.

  10. The library display case is kept locked at all times except during setup and removal.

  11. No display materials may be left anywhere at the Library in preparation for the setting up or removal of a display. Set up and removal must take place in as concise a time period as possible.

  12. The Library reserves the right to enhance displays with library books and materials that will contribute to the presentation.

  13. No group may reassign the use of the display case and the display must appear as described in the approved application.

  14. No hardware, equipment, or objects are allowed in display or in the setting up of the display that may result in the damaging of any of the display case. If such damage occurs, the group or individual responsible for the display will be held responsible. The potential for any such damage may be considered grounds for denial of the display case application. If the setting up of the display would interfere with normal library activities and work, the display will not be permitted.

  15. The display case must be restored to its original clean condition.

  16. Priority will be given to library-sponsored displays.

  17. A display will generally remain in the case for one calendar month.

  18. A short description with or without photograph(s) of the display may be included in the library web site, newsletter, e-News, local newspapers, or community newsletters, at the library’s discretion.

  19. The use of a library display case is a privilege -- not a right -- and is subject to the Library's sole and exclusive discretion. Accordingly, the library reserves the right to deny the use of the display case to any group or individual.

  20. The library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled display providing the organization receives 7 days notice.

  21. If a group or an individual violates the policies or procedures associated with the display case, future use of the display case will not be permitted.

  22. If an organization is denied the use of the display case, it can appeal to the Library Board of Trustees at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.