Community Survey - Question 8: The library is essential to the community: Comments

Question 8 of the library's 2017 Community Survey asked library users to respond Agree or Disagree to the statement, "I believe Wauconda Area Library is essential to the community."  We are very happy to report that 99.5 percent (2,096 of 2,107 respondents) responded "Agree".  Along with these responses, we also received nearly 500 heart-warming comments, for which we are most grateful. Thank you!  Our goal now is to have 100 percent in the Agree column!


We appreciate all you do to have all the special events, children movie nights, concert weeks! I am proud of our library for all you do to offer for our community.
Our library is used by many in varied groups.  Love it!
The library has a lot to offer.  I really should take advantage of the classes that are offered.
Provides access to current materials, resources and events. The library does a wonderful job as it is now and is a great asset to our community. It is greatly appreciated!
I really haven't explored everything yet.  I have taken a few computer program classes and am so grateful. I need to spend more free time learning about what you all have to offer.  You are always a welcoming place that serves so heartfully!  Grateful!
computer access to those who do not have home computers
It's pretty awesome!
Best Library!  so many great resources, and super helpful staff
I love our public library!
has many nice programs and events that encourage community learning and reading, access to internet and lots of material!
It is a great resource for my students who do not have many books at home
Everybody needs to read books, and specially children, so it is very important to have a library.
ur library rocks
Summer concerts, childrens activities, free movies, computer classes, reading programs and of course the cafe area
People love the library, especially families with children
It is a great place to go to get books and movies and meet people
I love the help
great educational and recreational resource
Wonderful place to go with my great granddaughters
We are a wonderful resource for this community!  I am so proud to be an employee here with everything we offer across all ages!
The library is essential because we can check out books, attend programs and use everything listed on the back of this page (#3)
Terrific, friendly, helpful staff, great computer bus. services
All my life-loved reading, now my eyes are weak from RA and DVDs replace books
It is nice that they are right by the high school
It gives a place for the public to use as free learning if someone did not or could not get an education. 
An evolving library that stays relevant to the changing expectations is essential. To think that so many things are available online that many people would just stay home--and yet every time I go past the library it is packed. A place to be a part of the community is essential.
I find the library very useful when I have a problem with my internet or scanning
Wonderful resource--especially those with youngsters
My daughter's blossomed in reading because of the summer program. I am grateful.
I believe our library has continued to be relevant in our community to people of all ages. 
I use the library resources every week- both as a teacher in wauconda schools and as a parent to two young girls. We love it!
Love the library and the men and women that serve there. They are all wonderful and the library is very comfortable and has great outside lighting and pretty views from inside. We are very blessed!
Free of charge, easy access to information, entertainment, and a place to hang out that is not steeped in commercialism.
I love the library
How can anyone not love the library?  The staff is so friendly & helpful.
We have a wonderful asset with our library, one of the best around.
Literacy is a vital part of the life of everyone!
My family uses the library every week.
I'm trying to promote reading skills in my children.  Our library is one of the best tools I have to accomplish this goal.
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful library and staff! One thing I think we could use instead of drive-up windows or pickup/delivery would be a library in Island Lake. I would go to the library more often if it was closer to my home. However, it would have to have equal quality staff as the Wauconda branch. How about spending money on another building location? Better use of dollars!!
Good resource for adults and kids

Books and reading are very important and educational.
Wauconda library, as most libraries, provides a vital service to the community. Without it, many people would have little to no access to literature, as well as the various other resources the library has to offer. In addition, it is an essential tool for students of all ages, particularly students who come from low income families.
It brings us together in one common place 
Libraries are a community's greatest asset. You folks are doing a wonderful job there, keep it up!
In a world of technology I believe it is important to encourage the love of books and reading.
I grew up with libraries being a vital part of the community. They have evolved over time into more of a community center type feel with programs relevant to current trends - kids, tech, various classes, meeting spaces for groups, etc..
Great, affordable programs and events
Free reading materials, programs, concerts, and computer access
I wish more children went to get books.  
After school, l see a lot of kids. Programs and such that are offered .
A good conveniently located library with ample resources is essential to any community.
When I need it, it's perfect every time!
Because it's  such an Asset to the Community!
Our Library is exceptional, and outstanding ~
I live in Tower Lakes and therefore a part of the Barrington Area Library. While that is a fine library, I consider Wauconda my home library and time and again I am quite delighted with the varied collections you offer and the friendly staff you have. 
There is something for everyone.  The variety of programs offered is fantastic.
Every community needs access to all of the library's assets- it completes.  I love the library!!
I love the Wauconda Library!  I just don't use it as often since I live in Libertyville.  I go to Cook Memorial.
Your maintenance man/van driver Marshall Huth does an excellent job and takes great pride in his service to the community.  Extra thanks goes to Marshall!  He is a gem to keep at the library! 
It is a great educational resource for my entire family.
Programs for kids are excellent.  Resources are plentiful.  Everyone is made to feel welcome.  I love the library.
It offers so many resources at little to no cost to us. The staff is so wonderful at assisting me in finding what I need whether it is in the Wauconda library or from another library.
Communal educational opportunities are a great way to meet the people in the community.
Absolutely.  There are so many resources available, I wonder why everyone doesn't use them. 
A centralized place with many available services.  Also, with the the renovation and the snack stand, a comfy place to kick back and read a good book!
I am a college student at College of Lake county.  If the Wauconda Library was not here I would have to go all the way to school to use theirs and that would be a big pain.  It also brings together people with the activities that are available. 
Absolutely! Especially the programs for kids, families and the elderly. I sure hope the high school students are using it as well!    I am at an age where I work a lot, play a lot and have little time to read.  I enjoy the benefit of iBooks and Hoopla!!
The library is an amazing wealth of information.  And it is one of the few governmental bodies where the staff is actually helpful.  After interacting with the staff at the library I truly feel that my tax dollars are going to good use.
close access for the high school students for after school activities and homework
It's good. 
Absolutely!!!  This place is amazing!
You provide a vital service to the community.  
I love it!
I am extremely grateful for the wonderful library we have here in Wauconda. I am impressed by the many people who use our library. It always seems to have a good crowd no matter what time of day. I am happy to see our tax dollars being used wisely.
social and mental exploration and growth
Education and knowledge is key for success, and if its free then more people should take advantage. 
I love the library. It is clean and has a great selection. The employees are very friendly. I am so grateful for such a wonderful free resource in our community. 
A great gathering space for learning opportunities and a wealth of great literature and a fun learning environment 
No one doesn’t benefit from the library- no class, no gender, no age. Everyone is richer beyond their wildest dreams because the library exists- to challenge us, to help us, to feed our dreams. I dare say, to heal us. Every idea sits side by side peacefully and in harmony at the library- it’s an example of the best of our community, our nation, the world.
Dedicated to community well being and education.
Dedicated past and present library board members who made decisions that benefit residents.
"We" attitudes, with Democratic ideals.
there's a lot of kids in the area
Great services, convenient drop boxes, very helpful staff, my son loves it
Yes it's a central meeting spot for the community.  We plan play dates using the kids area. 
I strongly agree to this. Especially in regards to resources available to our school kids who may not have internet access at home 
To gain something from the books
It is a central repository for a vast amount of information.  That, combined with the extremely helpful staff makes the library extremely essential to the greater Wauconda area.
It provides opportunity for learning, not only via books but use of computer, and classes.
The wauconda library is really fantastic, especially after the remodel to the kids area. It's a fun place for them to hang out. But more importantly, it makes reading material for to the public, and that is a crucial service.
Good place for learning and relaxing activities
I think libraries in general are a great resource for information and meeting spaces.
I developed my interest in reading many years ago through my grade school library and hometown library.  A good library is essential to any community
The library gives us opportunities to improve our minds and culture which is essential to our community now and into the future.
happy to know libraries are not closing, they are the best resource and gathering place with all their available activities
Most important as a taxpayer - provides value to the community at large and extremely important to me.  
The library provides many opportunities for people of all ages. I grew up attending library class programs and now I depend on the library for studying and school purposes.
Programs and such being offered
Very current, great hours and fantastic staff
It's a great place for social and entertainment activities/
I strongly believe that.  This is a place to escape and treat yourself to a book, the internet, education, learning all kinds of new things.  Where else can you go to acquire all the above and more...for free?
I think it’s a great place to get out as a family and for myself to do activities. Also, the kids enjoy the learning experience.
It just is!
This is a great library - offers a lot to patrons.
This is a great library - offers a lot to patrons.
Brings people together.
I want to add the staff is wonderful!!
By providing more instructive help
Libraries should be the center of the community 
Important for community and growth
We LOVE the Wauconda Library!!!
What a great place to Learn, develop new friendship and can be all alone in a big safe enviroment
It's the backbone of the community
It had everything
So many resources are available that I could never be able to afford on my own.  
much needed and appreciated for all ages
It has books from past history and it's expanding the minds of the future. 
When I was 4 years old I would spend as much time as I could at the library reading.  I grew up in Akron, Ohio, rubber capital of the world. That was a long time ago and i still remember the card catalogs and how the wood shined so beautifully. Our library is a community that we thrive and benefit in. Thank you!  
Phenomenal staff and resources. Our kids are so lucky to have the library year round.
It is a supplemental tool for school studies and continuing education for all ages.
The library provides many great opporotunities for learning whether by book or class. The librarians are the best.
I am a stay at home mom a regular here at the Library. My family enjoys all the fun events offered here.I would not be able to do any of it if they ever decided to charge for programs. I want my kids to have the opportunity to do all these things. I know for a fact many families appreciate all that the library does for our community. We love our Library!!
I would not know what I would do without our library!
important for starting children on the road to literacy
If there was no library here in Wauconda such as this one, children might beg their parents not to be here (in order not to get bored), and people may not like to be somewhere with not too many people (due to no attractions for people to want to be here).
All people should have easy access to learning and entertaining materials
This library has an outstanding staff that hopefully are appreciated by the administers and board, Kelly K. and Emily.
As a homeschooling mother, the library becomes a gathering place with friends, an opportunity for a class with peers, a wealth of information for the topics we are studying, as well as a source for research on the latest in education/homeschooling resources
I have always loved visiting my communities library.  As living in many areas over the years, this is one of the best facilities I have.  Thank you for keeping up to date and current in all you do.
my kids love the library, we go all the time...
It is the one place you can go to to find out the answer to any question you might have.  If you can't find the answer at the library you can at least find out where to turn to find the answer.
This library is a great asset to the community especially since they offer so many varieties of classes and events.
I have limited technology skills but staff at the Wauconda Area Library were very helpful in getting me set up to use the OverDrive and My Media Mall app.  This is my primary means of utilizing the library but I read about 100 books annually and I love this option.
I really enjoy coming to the library for a quiet and motivating area to do my homework for college!
It has improve a lot in the last few years. Is always open to new suggestions. 
It offers so much at so many levels
strongly agree
It is essential for kids and people who cannot afford computers, WiFi, games. Etc.  
children especially need access to a library
I love my library
Very helpful wonderful service and classes 
good libraries encourage good community. Children need exposure to the written word; sodo adults!
place for kids to go
I think a library offers a variety of activities/material for all ages so no one in the community is left out if you choose to use the library and their staff.
It provides vital access to information in a safe space
Libraries are great connectors in a community. They are an essential part of the soul of a community.

They are essential for those of us who consider ourselves life long learners.
It is an awesome environment for those that do not have access to things like computers, educational things (books, games, etc) Also a safe environment for kids to have activities meet friends and learn.
I feel like books ate becoming a thing of the past and it is important to instill to the next generation the importance and value of reading. It is also a very fun experience for my 2.5 year old son helping him with socialization.
A great place for learning....for free! ??
Because books are the food for the soul and mind 
You provide so many programs, etc.  - it is always a pleasure to visit!
We have a diverse community.  I believe the library provides services for all ages.   In addition, I believe the library provides services for people of all ethnic backgrounds.
I love using the Wauconda library resources, the staff are friendly and helpful; it's clean and user friendly; the business shows it is well utilized
Great place to go for seniors and the unemployed.
Events and Summer concerts bring the community together.
Great place for kids 
Please close the Library on Good Friday! Thank You!
It's a wonderful place to connect with other community members.  Sadly I don't think enough poeple know about all the wonderful resources that available through our library.  
Yes, very essential.  I have never seen a childrens area in the library that was so interactive.  Children will gain a love of books because they are excited to go to Wauconda Lib.  You have excellent outreach to children.  Please consider quiet rooms with computer so I can bring seniors there to discuss and learn -- where I can talk loud to the seniors.  Thank You
There is something for everyone.
Every community should have a library.
to provide access to resources unavailable elsewhere.
A good well stocked and well staffed library is essential to any community big or small.
Great resource 
We love Wauconda Library, and all that it offers to the community. 
Books let you be many things, experience far away places. They give you the opportunity to grow as a person. They connect us as a community.
The Wauconda Area Library is a fabulous place. I have taken several computer classes which helped me tremendously. It is great place for the children as well. 
Education is needed for the future and the generations within
We need resources all the time, me as a parent, my daughter as a student, me as a nurse, me as a wife.. a lot of help can be found in the library... thanks!!
It's a wonderful to be able to obtain books and DVDs without having to buy them
I think a good library is essential to any community/area.
This is my summer home Chicago is AWFUL even new ones. !!
Awesome Library
The library offers an excellent service to surrounding areas. First rate facility with easy access and open at good times.
It is a great place for all ages  to study, meet up for video gaming and participate in classes. Also terrific access to materials. 
Information access, programs entertainment 
Need a quiet,comfortable, friendly, pretty,free place to relax and focus on special interests and explore new things.  It feels safe and welcoming.
Absolutely. Especially for little kids. They need to hold a book in their hands and see the letters, words and illustrations. 
We believe that the library is essential to the community  and  we would have to say that having a delivery pickup van would not change our use of the library but cause concern  from us for the increase in overhead for the library. We think that the library is doing a great job to serve its community! So, adding a delivery van or mail service would only complicate the processes rather than help them. It could serve the disabled or handicapped citizens in the library area, but also cater to those too lazy to get to the library. so there's pros and cons definitely for the delivery van and mail service idea.
A well run, community makes life worth living. We seek to find our home in pleasant surroundings with strong &a smart governmental management and worthy amenities. High on the list are schools and libraries. Taxes are always a concern but when I can live in Lake County with its wonderful forest preserves and Wauconda with just about everything we need to make life worth living I feel the taxes are justified. Thank you. 
Location it's perfect, amazing Library my family and I enjoy visiting with our daughters.
It's a great place for kids to get books, love the reading programs for my kids to help boost their reading and extra resources for them to get extra access to reading materials. Also a great meeting place for scouts or play dates.
It has greatly helped me in many kinds of research including inter-library loans of specific books not available in this area.
Best library ever seen
Mostly educational driven.
I believe all libraries are essential to the community. Even with low pricing for Kindle books, sometimes I merely want to read or listen to the book and then return it. Available resources and classes enhance the lives of patrons.
The library is a staple in our community that provides valuable resources to everyone - it is very essential!
Absolutely every city needs to have a convenient library access
In a world where kids are growing up with fewer and fewer real books to hold in their hands and read page by page... I believe Libraries in general are essential for developing the next generation.  I think the Wauconda Library understands this and offers a great balance of both technology and real experiences with books.
Books are expensive and it's essential for everyone to be able to have access to the free material available in a library.  If it were not for libraries, I believe literacy would be much lower in society.
There are no other libraries in the surrounding area, and it is a very well designed and centrally located allowing for easy community access.
Absolutely wonderful resource. I especially appreciate the free scanning station. 
We love the library! I am a SAHM and it's great for my little one (3) I also love the adult classes and have taken quite a few over the last year. Home delivery and a drive up window are not upgrades that interest me. I think they are unnecessary along with easier access to the main door. But I am also an able bodied person so those things might interest someone with specific limitations. 
I love our library! 
I use it for printing, scanning, and fax. I also use it for my daughter to play during the winter season.
As a place to come together for all our betterment; to meet/interact with others whom we live amongst... might otherwise not have a common ground 
Frankly, I can't imagine a community without a local library!
I have used it for the 14 years I have lived in the area.
WAL provides so much to enrich all age groups; provides a lot of different programs that expose patrons to things they may not have the opportunity to experience otherwise.
I think we have a great library for our size town and feel a library in a community is a very important feature to a community. 
It is a point of meeting for the community.
Our family loves the library!!
Reading and listening and watching is fundemental
it is a communal gathering space in addition to providing the community with media
The more knowledge you get, more freedom you will find in your life thats how important is to have a good library. 
The amount of families that depend on this library is unbelievable. The children love the downstairs area as well as parents. I love it here.
There seems to be a growing variety of resources such as computer classes, learning english for the growing hispanic community, and various special presentations/speakers.
The Wauconda public Library is a great place for our community for various reasons. It give  Full access to many different amenities that people in our community may not have at home such as internet access, fax/copy machine, and movie/video game rentals. The library also has a wide variety of books and entertainment for kids so it gives the childern and youth various activities to do. It also has different events throughout the year that is appropriate for all age groups.
The library serves as a place to be safe, comfortable, and have contact with others if you so choose.  This is invaluable to many of the patrons, young and old.
It allows as a place to gather for school work and reading books.
Access to research materials is essential for students. 
A wonderful place for the kids to play and borrow books.
There is no other place that has all of these resources.
I enjoy the library and it’s many resources.  I enjoy the digital lending library as well.
Strongly agree, very happy with wauconda library esp the willingness to feel the pulse of the community
it is an incredible resource to the community, offering programs for everybody.  It's outreach to foreign communities is wonderful and awe-inspiring.  
Kids need this valuable resource rather than always relying on the internet.
Knowledge is power and books hold that knowledge thus power!!!
We all need to keep reading and get our noses out of cell phones
Wauconda library is a wonderful place. My use of the library is dictated by the amount of time I have available. Between full time work, family obligations and maintaining health, I don't have enough time to make visits to the library as often as I would like. 
It gets a lot of use. Therefore it's essential. I have no internet service at home. No fax machine. No copy machine. No scanner.
Lots kids of all ages use it. there are so many good programs for all ages  and staff is great
Knowledge is wealth.
It is a very useful, vital, and enjoyable resource.   It is useful for students, helpful for mothers with small children, vital in its community services, and enjoyable for everyone.  Its a great pleasant place for people of all ages.  It's free, and a great place to meet, relax, learn,and explore.  It has a great location by the park and high school.  I love it.
It is wonderful seeing children readin real books 
The library serves not only as a resource center, but a social gathering location as well. The concerts are great.
I've lived in Wauconda for 20+ years and have used the library quite a bit over the years. It is a great asset to the community. Love our library!
The library is an excellent community resource for all age groups.
I love the library and what can be done there.  Staff is always helpful and kind when I need assistance.
Every community needs a good library

People at all ages need access to materials and low cost or free classes.
The library is a wonderful resource for people with limited means and a real community gathering space.
Close to Main Street and cook park, has convenient hours, and so many free programs for all ages.  They seem to consider school schedules and don't schedule classes during school hours (you'd think the park district would take a hint).  It's a place my kids ASK to go to because they can always make crafts, find books, play with other children, or play games.
A library is essential to every community.
This library is Amazing. Great resources. Great kids area. Our family loves this library!
Amazing building and services. ♡♡♡♡♡
Provide a lot of programs and resources.  Other suburbs lack the plethora of help this library provides.
Our library offers a "safe space" for children and teens to learn and explore and is truly an asset to our community.
Yes indeed, it's a great place to better yourself. To ease your mind. And also to learn.
It's a wonderful library, welcoming, clean and fun -- it's so nice for the kids. I love the beverage And snack bar too!
All walks of life hang out in the library.

Thank you!
But feel that since the remodel there are less traditional resources such as books.
The library is wonderful! I love going in there. It’s easy to find a computer, easy to use the fax and the printers. And the staff is always welcoming and helpful!
The library is an amazing place to explore life and the life around you. It has made me very happy 
it is a place to meet with friends , and has resources I need
every community should have a library and we have a great on
Outstanding resource for my two young children
Please see my Comment above re. how much I value our Library. ??
Knowledge is the source of enlightenment and to expand our understanding of the world.  Libraries are a wonderful source of information.
Brings the community together for more than just reading--communication, technology, arts, family programs, music 
You guys rock and are going a great job!
It's the best library around for kids.  My friends come here from out of town.
Even though there are services I don't use, I feel they are very important, everyone uses the library differently.

I love seeing libraries used as a community gathering place.
What makes the Wauconda Area Library essential to the community is as today's society is becoming more technological it is crucial that we still have documents, books and resources that are readily available for us in paper form. And even for the technological advanced patrons, this library is essential for them as well because it gives them the type of resources to partake in the technological world. Also this library also helps children and or adults to open there minds and continue to read and give an safe area to study, hangout, and be kids/adults.
A well educated population is a benefit to the community. 
Libraries are the soul of a community. I need to check out a Hotspot. Do you have them?
Very family fun and few are harder and harder to find. 
I visited a lot more when my kids were younger( and not involved in so many sports and activities).  Now I am looking for more middle school teen programs. Overall the library does a fantastic job for or community.
This is a grounding point for our youth and community, as well as business resources. What a better way to meet people while you feed your brain!
So educational 
I think I already covered this topic above, but I think the way the library includes all the people of Wauconda in their programs and events is great. I loved donating dresses to the fairy godmother event. I even found out someone used one I donated!
Libraries are an essential cornerstone to a community. They offer free access to materials and resources that many would not have access to otherwise. When ever I have gone to get materials from our library, there are always lots of cars in the parking lot, which to me indicates that the rest of the community values the library just as much. Thank you for your service to the community.
Libraries are a valuable resource for free learning, entertainment, and building community.
Libraries in general should be a priority!    I am extremely impressed what this library offers:)

I do not need further incentives to use the library.
Great place for young children & teens to use and stay out of trouble.

Great place for old people like myself to enjoy. 
It provides exposure to resources not normally available.  The young programs are invaluable.
As a senior citizen on a fixed income I need to check out books not buy them. I joined a book club in my neighborhood and I could not afford to buy every book. I have found all of the books I need at the library. Also, I love taking my grandchildren to such a safe, enjoyable learning place.
We gain knowledge from reading.
It is a beautiful facility with many tech resources, opportunities to grow, learn and have fun.
I believe Wauconda Area Library is a great and much needed asset to the community!
The library is a gathering place for social, educational and entertaining events
Summer concerts, ice cream socials, different programs to involve all ages. They do a wonderful job! 
As a child my mother encouraged use of libraries as major resource of information. Always current.
The library is vitally important to anyone who understands the value of this resource 
Knowledge is the backbone of the community
I've used it for my kids when they were little (recreational reading), when they were school age, and personally. Though it is small, it is really charming. I like it and the space it occupies. 
It is a great place for families, offers many programs! 
It is wonderful to have all these resources available to us.
The public library provides access to materials that might otherwise be inaccessible, or difficult to access by local residents. The library also provides wonderful free events and opportunities for community to gather, which is neccesary and invaluable to the well being, sustainability and growth of our community.
Great for the communities kids
Libraries are essential in a communities, and we are lucky to have such a fantastic one.  Families on a budget depend on the libraries for families nights, free movies, and for utilizing the computers, internet and printers when they can't afford to provide them at home.
Wow--This library grows and changes and went from good to outstanding in the 15 years I have been. This is a sincere compliment. 
The library is a wonderful asset to the community, and friends from other cities speak highly of it as well.
So many wonderful free resources!
It is a great place. People come from surrounding areas to visit.
Highly agree!!!!  5 stars for Wauconda library! My family feels like it's our second home :)

It's so nice to be able to raise my 2 and 4 year old daughters to have a love of books. 
Fab library 
Many people cannot afford to constantly purchase books. I believe that every man, woman, and child should always have unrestricted access to knowledge.
Absolutely essential!  Most people can't afford to Amazon all of the books, videos, music and other materials they'll ever want to consume.  The library helps everyone have access to these things as well as to life- and career-enhancing classes, for little to no cost.  It also works hard to promote early literacy in toddlers and provides lots of assistance for older kids working on schoolwork. 
Contain material all could use. 
The staff are extremely helpful.  The atmosphere is inviting. It caters to all ages.
It is a gathering place...staff has always been friendly and can't imagine this town without the library!
The library provides so much to our community, from meeting space to technology to books and videos.  It opens up an array of products and services to those who would not otherwise have access.
The Wauconda Library has done a wonderful job staying relevant to the needs of the community. It invested in updates that enhanced the functionality and improved the overall look of the library. 
Libraries are essential to a healthy community. The resources it offers to members of all ages helps bring people together, helps them learn more about areas they are interested in and helps people access their community more. 
my family is in the library weekly. I don't even know what our cost would be if I had to purchase/rent all the videos and music or books. It is worth the taxes we pay. 
 Great resource for entire community
We have one of the best libraries in the area, especially for a small town like Wauconda.
I am a big advocate of libraries!
Because it’s the best place to find your favorite books!
Strongly agree. We started coming when my son was a baby. The story times and craft classes and play area I believe were a big part of his education. The classes offered for him through the years have been great. 
Not everyone can afford the many services the library offers. Also, when we had the microburst a few years ago, I was able to access computers at the library to allow me to contact family members as we only had a desk top computer and our cell phones were at low power.
Educates public for free.
Libraries are one of the few remaining non-commercialised spaces in American society. Where literally everything else pushes people to be consumers rather than citizens and cares about them only so far as it is profitable, libraries offer information, entertainment, and help navigating the modern world, free of charge, to anyone of any background or situation.
The wauconda library is essential because it provides free resources to people who other wise may not be able to afford it. It provides a very clean and safe environment to get many things done. 
All ages need the library for multiple reasons.  Wauconda is an excellent library and just doing the survey shows it is looking to even be better.  I'm a big fan of our library.
The library is the hub of the community. Patrons go to the library to borrow materials, have computer access, enjoy all of the programs that are offered and much more. 
It is a family atmosphere.  It is evolving with the times.  It is a beautiful and mostly peaceful place.
Libraries are essential community spaces for free public education. Keep up the great work!
This library is already amazing and I am beyond thankful to live in a community with such a valuable resource.  
Libraries are essential to all communities because they offer opportunities to learn and expand the knowledge of its members, provide entertainment, and encourages social interaction and engagement with one another. The value of a library to the community it serves is priceless.
Love my library and the staff there.
I agree that a library is essential to any community, including ours.  I personally don't like the video games that were added, but that is just my opinion.  Since our library is right next to the high school, I am wondering if a tutoring program could be started.  Maybe honor students could help tutor other students after school.  Just a thought...
The Wauconda Area Library is amazing and one of our favorite places to visit regularly, with resources that never end and, if it isn't there they find it and borrow it for you ... we absolutely LOVE our WAL and appreciate all that they have and all that they do!!  Thank you (:
Great community resource 
You have such a wonderful variety and stock of books, movies, music, etc.  We wouldn't be able to afford buying everything we borrow from you.  We love to read!  We don't have cable, so we are able to watch movies by borrowing from you as well.  Thank you!!
This is the best library. 
It is an essential part of the community for all ages.  Children, adults and seniors are always on a continuum of learning and the library provides a place for all of us.
I love the Wauconda library so much. We come about twice a week. I grab books for my own sanity then go down to the Kid City with my 2 yr old daughter and she has a blast while I pick out what books to take home. It is an indespensible part of our lives! We both are social and love books. It also keeps us from shopping too much.
a most important resource for all ages!!
It is a valuable resource for all ages and needs
Communities need libraries. Literacy is very important
They always have the newest things for kids,such a books,I think they very up date that's what I like most 
From fostering a child to read, to community events, to a work environment for a high schooler to study, it is essential.
Love the library.  Have used the children's programs with my grandson.  He loves Kid City.  Although I don't like him using the screens when he is there.
We have an invaluable treasure which offers such a wide variety of programs, a beautiful building in an equally beautiful setting, a top-notch staff, generous hours of operation,  and a user-friendly website. Our technology resources have multiplied greatly over the years and we continue to see more and more offered to patrons. As stated earlier in the survey, no complaints!
Because it holds a lot of information and resources that people can use. It also brings people together .
It's a good library. I'm dismayed that they let the local newspapers go without digitizing them. All there other services are duplicated in other nearby libraries, but their stewardship of Wauconda area history is not.
I think this is a terriffic library with age appropriate rooms/floors/classes.  It offers not only a great place for checking out books and movies, but also offers a great place for children and parents to gather (especially in the winter when the weather is cold)
It is the most valuable resource in the Wauconda area.
It's a great place to take younger kids and get them excited about books. Love this library!
Kids love it and friendly staff
It's a great resource for researching new topics. Articles on the Internet are great but a book in the hand is better. It also gives young readers a love for books. My kids love going to the library. Just wish i could fit it into our schedule more often.
The library is our window to the larger world of ideas. I consider it the best use of my tax money. 
The library is great my family uses it all the time
The children's area is awesome!
I believe libraries in general are great resources across all generations. 
its a great place for everyone
Wonderful place for children to play and learn. My grandchildren ages 14 and 10 love to go to the library when visiting for movies and using the children's area.
Wonderful place for children to play and learn. My grandchildren ages 14 and 10 love to go to the library when visiting for movies and using the children's area.
I believe Wauconda area library its essential to the community because they have good material i can check out for my son and he can learn alot plus the materials are in good condition.
a great resource for kids, a nice quiet area to study, 
Provides great resources and info.
Free resources, quiet place to go to do research or read. Great resource to bring children.
It is a place for everyone regardless of age or race.
It does have great children's area 
I am able to travel without leaving my home
The library provides great opportunities for my children. I am very pleased with the library. 
It is a fabulous library!! The staff are great!!!  It would be so missed if anything ever happened to it.
My children use the library for many things 
I think a library, period, is essential to a community.  I happen to feel we have an exceptional one for the size of our village - and the staff is always helpful and friendly.
They have plenty of books and movies and a great kid place downstairs. It's a great learning center.
Veey much so!  One of the best libraries in the area.
The library is a gathering place, a place with resources and entertainment and an overall learning experience
It's essential because books can be costly but libraries make it affordable and plentiful.
There's always something to gain by visiting the library. Knowledge, exposure to something new, a place to meet up with friends or small groups, a place to go to study.
Wauconda is a nice place to live. A good library is an important community resource. It's available to all ages, for study, pleasure, and for cultural enrichment. 
This library is a very vital part of Wauconda and it’s surrounding community!
We love the library especially the Wauconda Library. It is very important to get my child involved in going there more often. 
All libraries are essential to the community.  If I didn't have access to the free resources (books), I wouldn't be able to afford to read as much as I do.
I am a new Wauconda resident. I was immediately impressed by the library, and look forward to each visit. 
My permanent address is in Island Lake, but I travel a lot, and therefore I'm not in town often. When I'm not in town, I miss the Wauconda Library! I love the atmosphere, and I feel like there is always a good selection. The staff is always helpful and friendly!
Wonderfull library staff, great facility.
Community news and life are reflected and available for all ages. 
Every time I visit the Wauconda Library, there are always a lot of people there, from all ages and backgrounds.  A lot of kids go there after school and work on homework and hang out with friends, and people who may not have access to home computers, printers, fax machines, etc. can take advantage of the ones at the library.  
It has always been a wonderful place! 
It is a resource for those without other means.
Absolutely essential!
The library is great! It offers many services and the staff is always helpful and friendly!
It adds to the necessary diversity of the community 
The Library provides education, technological resources, and events for our community. My kids are always asking to go to the library, and my wife and I greatly benefit from the online book collections (both fiction and non-fiction). Please don't every leave! :)
The Wauconda Area Library is an amazing resource.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff is always willing to help with questions, concerns or any type of assistance patrons might require.

 The educationally and culturally value of the library can not be understated.  The programs offered are numerous and many are priceless.  Any question you might need answered you can usually find the answer at the library.  As Cicero said a very long time ago, "Anyone who has a library and a garden wants for nothing."  
love the kids corner downstairs!
Absolutely! My husband was able to purchase a wonderful selection of 400 books for his new assisted living and memory care community in Long Grove through Pat Wise and Friends of the Library!
Absolutely.  I think the library is one of the greatest third places and hubs there is.  
The library is a free place to gather and gain information.
Despite the all the electronic material available in today's world the wealth of material available, the atmosphere, and hands on resources can't be duplicated anywhere especially with traditional bookstores closing all the time taking away the quiet spaces in daily life where one can leave the outside world behind for a time and enter another world found in a book, movie or music. 
Learning never stops
I was amazed when I moved here how wonderful our library is, and I have enjoyed it ever since.
Great place for knowledge and inexpensive way to watch DVD/TV shows.
Great for socialization 
The Library offers an easily accessible place for older patrons to gather and feel less isolated. It also offers a quiet space for younger patrons to focus on studies away from potential distractions of home. 
Personal growing thanks to free access to information. 
I love the library. I am constantly checking out books for my kids. They would not be such strong readers if it weren't for all the free books and programs at the library. 
I love the programs and classes they offer especially the children's classes and for babies too. We love the 1,000 books before kindergarten too. I feel the classes are a way to connect with other parents in the community. 
best library around
Tax dollars well spent!
The baby story time was such an amazing way to meet other new moms and learn how to engage and interact with my baby in new ways
Knowledge is everything ! All deserve access to what is available in our world.
Books are of the highest priority for educating for entertainment and going places we can go to and want to go to in no other manner!
In is the information center of the community. Without the library the town would be without a head.
I worked nearby and was able to get away at lunch to study on the web which was wonderful!
It is imperative to a flourishing community.
A great gathering space and great programming! Wonderful
I'm so glad it's there! 
We look forward to the classes, movies, books, and book sales. Seeing movies and learning from classes stimulate ideas for future books to read.
The library is always bustling w people which says a lot about the services, the Libriaians and the quality materials available. 
It’s the heart of the community. 
It's a great place to learn that doesn't cost money!o
Toeducate the people
I'd move without it. 
The variety of services it offers to the community is huge!
The library is a great resource for our community.
Number one is keeping the importance of reading and books before the public, even while bookstores are fading and publishers floundering.
Our library is a great resource.
I love our library.  It's great to have a quiet, public place for meetings/meetups that doesn't require purchasing anything.  As a teacher, particularly an English teacher, it's a good resource for researching, too.
The library always seems busy with people of all ages.
I love the library. I definitely used it more when my kids were younger, but I go to the library before I buy anything to see if it's available.
A town our size needs a library. 
Valuable resource for our entire community. All ages need this space and these resources!
ABSOLUTELY!  we need this. 
It allows free access to books, dvds, cds, entertainment and community resources. I went to a mother daughter crocheting class and appreciate that my daughter had some practice in crafting and shared the experience with me.
The library is such an important asset to the community. It has so many classes for the children and is a vital part of our week as we spend time there playing, reading books, and making crafts. 
Fantastic resources so close to home. I can find everything I look for there. 
Every town needs a local library
I think for our community the library serves a dual purpose as a library for books and periodicals etc.but also somewhat fills a social aspect as there are really only some social gathering places for wauconda....but that being said for me i miss sometimes the old style libraries with quiet areas.....between the stacks.... some but not all the kids that use the library are just not there for the right reason and they  abuse the privilege
Libraries are the greatest
Thr community uses it alot, and others also vome because of programs and friendly staff
It's a nice place to gather with the community; it's a great resource for many areas of interest; has a great location - centrally located; 
I have been coming to Wauconda Library for almost 20 years. I enjoy your programs and the personal attend I am given every time come to the library.  Keep up your good work.
A physical Library is an integral and valuable institution in a community.
The Wauconda library offers so much to the community.  It brings us programs we can't find just anywhere and makes learning fun for all.
A Library offers the community many things other areas can't. A broad selection of reading materials and resources, a calm, quiet atmosphere, and even just a place to relax with a good book. 
I love our library, prior to my Kindle I was there weekly.
The Library offers great opportunities for those of all ages to continue learning 
It's a great source of information for children and adults in the community, and for people who live outside of the community
Expands our knowledge base
I really enjoyed the music nights.  It would be nice on a Friday because I find myself too busy or at the Farmers market on Thursdays.  My baby also loves to play downstairs but I feel rude bringing him into the library because its so quiet.  Another door downstairs?
I love the library. It's important for children and adults. Free access to books and movies is super important. I wouldn't live in a community without one.
We love the library! Friendly helpful staff! Great to go there for my son to read play socialize and learn. 
It is a valuable resource for the community
This is a great Library 
My kids have a quiet place to study with reference books handy and online acess
Very important to the young and old alike.
The Wauconda Area Library has wonderful programs, a very friendly and helpful staff, and nice materials.  I feel that there is something for every age and everyone!
A must. I grew up going to my local library that didn't come close to the offerings this library has. My kids have the same love and now use, especially for my High schooler. It's easy to do group projects after school. Also, my high schooler has higher use because after school he can work out at the park district after school then head to the library to do homework.
Being near local area places makes it so much easier on parents!!!!!
We have such a great library! I wish we had our own Library app!
I grew up in Wauconda, and after college decided to move back to Wauconda. I've always felt at home at the Wauconda Library, and have witnessed it's growth within the past few years. There is always something new and exciting going on. Staff is very welcoming and helpful, and always makes it a pleasurable experience to visit. I appreciate all that the Wauconda Library does for the community. 
We love the library and all it offers. I love the multiple drop off locations and that they will pull the materials for quicker puck up!
The library is a big part of our kids' lives - creating little readers, and it has helped us to meet our neighbors and to make lifelong friends.  We would not be able to experience everything that we do without the library providing so many free opportunities for us.
It's a great resource
You’ve created a nice space. 
This is the BEST library! Very organized; extremely friendly staff; and, the kids area, study rooms, study areas are phenomenal!
It doesn't need an explanation. It is very essential. It is what it is, essential!!
I think there is value, but it’s changing. I get books on my Kindle. I get movies from Netflix and Amazon Prime. I get music from Pandora, etc.  There’s very few physical things I need from the library. It’s valuable as a community meeting place, and perhaps to provide series to those who aren’t as fortunate to have access to all the online resources noted above. 
I absolutely believe that any community is incomplete if it does not have a library. The library serves as a place to gain knowledge and information, both as an individual and a community.
Every community needs this focal point of learning as well safe environment for gathering. 
Helps people to Expand their knowleghe
A library is always an essential part of the community. All age groups and economic backgrounds should be encouraged to visit the Library.
It’s the heart of the town. The library is where everyone goes!
This is one of the few taxing bodies that is important for attracting residents on a lower cost basis.
I cant even begin to tell you how important OUR library is. I'm there often & I see all ages, all social status, its exciting and wonderful to see our library used is so many ways, by so many people.
Gives back by waiving fees and donating
Our family values the library as a wonderful homeschool resource and a fun place to visit and participate in activities
LOVE our library!  Last book I checked out was an inter-library loan, which was really east to request.  Four books I read over the summer were from the staff display.  I've also attended two of the activities recently.  I visit several times per month.  Love our library!
Hands down, the best part of Wauconda is the Library!
Best library in area! Peoole come from all over for the kid area 

Libraries are essential to encourage learning. Magic happens at the library once you have been exposed to books and literature. It is still important in this age of instant information at our fingertips. You still need to know how to find info and decide if it is from a trustworthy source.

A good library for the local constituency.  Another good question in the demographics of this survey would be "What is your educational level?"

All libraries are essential to their communities. Libraries are the new town halls in a culture that is eliminating collective public spaces.

Because there are times when a person does not have internet service at home and has to do things online that need to get done.  Besides having a large selections of books, I feel that it is a real asset to the community.

Glad we have such a nice library in our community

I believe the library is extremely important to the community whether I use it or not. I'm not sure you need to change anything, except keeping up with the time. Reading is above all the best way to improve our minds.
I do look at the emails sometimes and stuff on the printout I get once in awhile in the library seems like a great place
I love Wauconda Library!  I really don't have any use for it- sorry, I went there every week when my kids were little
I think it's a resourceful place for the community 
I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how pleasant your employee Marshall is to interact with.  His easy smile, friendly manor and enthusiasm regarding the library make me want to be a part of the wauconda library community.  He is a breath of fresh air in a world of interaction that doesn't often display his level of caring and dedication to the library community.
I would love classes on building your own website, or your own blog.  Sorry if you have offered in past, and I'm just unaware.  Thank you.  I have always loved the Wauconda Library, I miss not going there.
It provides materials, resources for the advancement and development of the community through social, cultural and recreational activities.
It's a good place to visit
It's a great library with a friendly, helpful staff. Offers a wide variety of books and a great place for kids to get out.
just as in my circumstance, when other information sources are not available, the library is always there. however, most people nowadays have internet access. 
Me gustan todos los programas que se ofrecen- Gracias por tener muy en alto el programa bilingue, esto permite tener cantidades de libros en espanol. Me gustaria tener mas tiempo para llevar a mis hijos, a ellos les encanta ir!!!!
My brother who is in high school goes there everyday.
Now that I know all that is offered, I’m sure to use the services. 
Of course!  Libraries are essential.
People like Marshall bring sunshine to this world
Since my kids are all grown and gone I just don't use the library much any longer, one of these days I am going to check out one of those fantastic telescopes!
There are things people need to know and the library is the place to find answers
Very engaging