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Provides access to more than 2 billion names, census records, military records, court, land and probate records, and passenger lists. Content added daily.

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a US project aimed at providing public access to digital holdings in order to create a large-scale public digital library.

Search over a billion names and images online.

Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials, add 'virtual flowers' and a note to a loved one's grave, etc.

Assembles U.S. federal census, banking and military records, local histories, primary source materials, and genealogical and local history serials. 

The Illinois Digital Archives is a repository for the digital collections of the Illinois State Library as well as other libraries and cultural institutions in the State of Illinois.

Search statewide databases for marriages, deaths, veterans, land tract sales and more.

Compiles links to local resources including cemeteries, churches, court records, obituaries, and more.

Get tips or assistance from the library's on-staff genealogists.

Learn about the area’s history and help preserve the Andrew C. Cook House museum.