Children's Kits : STEM/Learn to Read

We are very excited to introduce one of our newest collections: children’s kits! Our STEM kits and Learn to Read kits are now available for check out, and each will contain books and an interactive activity to extend the learning process even further.


Bring out the inner scientist in your child by checking out one of our new STEM kits! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and each kit will allow your child to engage with at least one of these subjects with fun and interactive activities. Some of the themes we offer include Building + Engineering, Coding, and Weather, and most kits are recommended for ages 5 and over. Click here for a complete list! 



Learn to Read Kits

Make learning to read exciting with our new Learn to Read kits! Each kit contains books and an assortment of activities that will help to engage your child in the reading process. Some of the themes we offer include First Words, Phonics, and Sight Words, and each kit is recommended for beginning readers. Click here for a complete list!



All STEM and Learn to Read kits have a 21 Day Loan/Holdable/No Renewals/2 Total Kit Checkouts/For Wauconda and Reciprocal cardholders