Award Presentation - NSLS 2005 Library of the Year


Presentation of the Award
by Sarah Long, Director,
North Suburban Library System

Presented at the
NSLS 2005 Annual Membership Awards Banquet
March 18, 2005
at the Chevy Chase County Club in Wheeling, Illinois

Library of the Year
Wauconda Area Public Library District

"For a unique mix of creativity and collaboration that has supported better service throughout the Wauconda area and the NSLS community.  The library's commitment to NorthStarNet has contributed greatly to the growth and enhancement of the community network that serves so many, as well as establishing it as an essential tool for Wauconda's municipal and community organizations, which helped bring them the Governor's Home Town Award.  This small library has a big System presence due to strong staff commitment to a number of active networking groups and projects.  The enthusiastic staff are recognized as key collaborators in many resource-sharing efforts in NSLS.  The library's vision of service, as well as their understanding of the need to stay competitive and vital as a community resource, are examples for all to follow."