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WHAT is the Library Foundation?
A Library Foundation is a separate legal entity with 501(c)(3) tax status. It offers donors a familiar and reliable way for individuals and corporations to make tax-exempt gifts to the library. The Foundation’s tax status also enables the Foundation to apply for certain grants for which public libraries may not directly qualify.  The Wauconda Area Library Foundation's mission is to foster excellence at the Wauconda Area Library by promoting community interest and building financial support to develop the Library’s facilities, collections, services and programs.  A library such as ours – award-winning, vital and active - functions as a valuable community resource.

WHY is there a Library Foundation?
The primary reason to form a foundation is to create a significant funding source separate and distinct from the tax revenue that comprises 95 percent of library revenue.  The library is planning to revamp its front plaza and stairs – the entire area between the parking lot, the handicapped parking spaces, and the front entrance of the facility.  The architectural plan, recently completed by Product Architecture + Design,  includes new landscaping that will provide some great opportunities for library patrons, community organizations and businesses to create a lasting tribute by providing funding for an inscribed paver, a bench, or even an entire courtyard or garden.  The new Library Foundation will greatly facilitate the donations and sponsorships that we hope will be associated with this project.  For more information about this renovation project, please click here.

Please note that the library is currently in excellent financial condition, thanks to the continued outstanding support of the Wauconda Area community.  The foundation is viewed by library board and administrators not only as a means of helping to enhance the library's long-term financial security, but as a means of making charitable giving fun, meaningful and rewarding for donors of all ages and demographics.

HOW can I make a donation to the foundation?
Gifts of any amount are appreciated and will be acknowledged with a letter of thanks that may be used for tax deduction purposes.  Please make checks payable to Wauconda Area Library Foundation.  If the donation is dedicated to or in memory of someone, please write a brief note to that effect.

Checks may be dropped off at the library or mailed to:
Wauconda Area Library Foundation
801 N. Main St.
Wauconda, IL  60084

WHEN was the Foundation established and how often does it meet?
The new Library Foundation has generally been meeting every two months, starting April 11, 2018.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at 7 p.m.  

Library foundations typically meet regularly once every two or three months, unless they meet more frequently in preparation for a fund-raising event once or twice a year.  It is likely this Foundation will generally meet every other month during its first year.  Tom Kern, the Library Director, will attend each meeting as a non-voting director to provide information and guidance as needed.

WHERE will the Library Foundation meet and operate?
The Foundation will generally meet at the library in the Genevieve Lincoln Community Meeting Room or the Library Director's office.  The mailing address for the Foundation is the same as the library’s address (801 N. Main St., Wauconda, IL  60084).  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the library.

WHO are the Directors of the Library Foundation?
We hope YOU will consider becoming a Library Foundation Director.  The Foundation's Board of Directors will be comprised of seven volunteers. At this early stage in the Foundation's formation, there are now four Directors:

President:                    Nicole Ferrier
Vice President:          James Norris
Secretary:                    Patti Olson
Treasurer:                    Sarah Graybill

Library Director Tom Kern and Library Trustee Thea Morris serve as a non-voting director srepresenting the library and providing administrative guidance.

Are YOU interested in becoming a Wauconda Area Library Foundation Director?
Please click here:  Application to Become a Director of the Wauconda Area Library Foundation


Please direct all questions to Tom Kern, Library Director
email: tkern@wauclib.org     phone: 847-526-6225   ext. 209


Quick Library Facts


Residents of the Wauconda Area Public Library District residents, schools, and businesses really do use their public library!

As of March 2018, there were 18,235 active cardholders (67% of the library district’s population)

Other notable numbers from 2017:

  • 2,484 new library card registrations  (avg. 207 per month!)
  • 476,076 — Items checked out  (avg. 1341 per day!)
  • 251,153 — Library visits  (avg. 707 per day!)
  • 30,554 — Uses of the library’s public computers (avg. 611 per week!)
  • 31,364 — Library Program attendees  (avg. 627 per week!)

The Library is not only an important educational institution for our children but also a place where people can conduct a job search, use the internet, and improve their lives in a variety of ways.

How do Wauconda Area Library patrons feel about their library?


"We appreciate all you do to have all the special events, children movie nights, concert weeks! I am proud of our library for all you do to offer for our community."

"It is a great resource for my students who do not have many books at home."

"Provides access to current materials, resources and events. The library does a wonderful job as it is now and is a great asset to our community. It is greatly appreciated!"

"An evolving library that stays relevant to the changing expectations is essential. To think that so many things are available online that many people would just stay home--and yet every time I go past the library it is packed. A place to be a part of the community is essential."

"We have a wonderful asset with our library, one of the best around."

CLICK HERE for nearly 500 more comments about the Wauconda Area Library!

Application to Become a Director of the Wauconda Area Library Foundation


Please direct all questions to Tom Kern, the Director of the Wauconda Area Library
email: tkern@wauclib.org
phone: 847-526-6225   ext. 209