Printing Center


Remote Printing Now Available

Use this link to print remotely from a PC or laptop:

Download the PrinterOn app from GooglePlay or iTunes to print from any wireless device.

Photocopies and Computer Printouts

  • Two high-performance Bizhub copier/printers

  • Fast, high-quality

  • Color:  25¢ per page

  • B/W: 10¢ per page

Fax Service

  • High-quality

  • Sending only - no receiving

  • 50¢ per page


  • Scan documents or photos to any valid email address, USB or as a Google Doc

  • Free

Easy Pay Options

  • Coins and currency

Print jobs will remain in the print queue for 8 hours and must be printed during normal business hours. The library is not responsible for discarded jobs.