Reconsideration of a Library Program

Wauconda Area Public Library District


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees,

The choice of attending or not attending a library-sponsored program is an individual matter.  While a library patron might not approve of the content of the program, he/she may not exercise censorship in order to keep others from seeing the program.

Any request for reconsideration of a library-sponsored program is subject to the following policies and procedures:

  1. The staff member receiving the request will ask the patron to fill out a "Statement of Concern about a Library Program.”   The Statement of Concern will be forwarded to the Library Director.  A copy will also be forwarded to the President of the Board of Library Trustees.
  2. After reviewing the Statement of Concern, the Library Director will forward it to the Challenged Program Committee, comprised of the Library Director and at least three staff members involved in the programming process.  This committee will evaluate the program in light of the patron's request, using published reviews, programming criteria, and the library’s mission and goals as guidelines.  The committee will submit their recommendation to the Director.
  3. After reviewing the committee’s recommendation and consulting with the President of the Board of Library Trustees, the Library Director will notify the patron originating the "Statement of Concern about a Library Program" in writing of the decision.  If an individual is not satisfied with the action taken, he/she may appeal to the Library Board by contacting the Library Director and asking for the item to be placed on an upcoming Library Board meeting agenda.  The Board will review the Statement of Concern and the committee's report and recommendation.  The decision of the Board of Trustees shall be final.
  4. The Library Board reserves the right to cancel any program that it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the Library's stated goals and objectives, or inappropriate for the Library.
  5. The Library Board reserves the right to change any or all of the foregoing provisions without notice.