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Zinio at the Wauconda Area LibraryZinio eMagazines

The library now subscribes to the Zinio for libraries.  Zinio offers popular current magazine downloads, free with your Wauconda Area Library card.

Get the free Zinio app for Android.

Get the free Zinio app for iPhone and iPad.

View a PDF list of titles available on Zinio through the Wauconda Area Library.

Download step by step instructions for getting started with Zinio.

Login to download a magazine.

A few things to note:

  • Zinio is first and foremost a commercial site.  They are partnering with libraries to offer a selection of titles.  Not every title on Zinio is available for a subscription through the library.  View a PDF list of titles available on Zinio through the Wauconda Area Library.

  • Zinio requires Adobe Flash Player to view a magazine.  Some devices, like the Kindle Fire, are not supported by Adobe Flasher Player.  It is currently available on: iPhone, PC, iPad, Android PDF, Zinio Reader 4, RIM, Win 8, Win 8 Phone.

  • The first time you set this up, you will need to set up two accounts (unless you already have an existing Zinio account).  We strongly recommend using the same account information for each account.  Once both accounts are set up, you will only need to login once when you want to download a new issue of a magazine.

  • Once downloaded, the titles are yours to keep for as long as you want.  There is no need to return them.  Multiple people can have multiple magazines downloaded.  Currently, there is no access to back issues unless you've already downloaded them to your Zinio library.

We also welcome suggestions for titles.  If you have a recommendation, please email us at!





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