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Books - Picking up materials at other libraries

Are you looking for a title, and the Wauconda Area Library doesn't have it? Do you need it today?

You can use your valid Wauconda Area Library card at any library in Illinios. Some borrowing restrictions apply and vary by library.

  1. Search the IllinoisCatalog to see which area libraries have the title.

  2. Determine which area library has the item.

  3. Call the library before you leave to make sure the item can be located. Most libraries will then hold the item for you at the Circulation Desk for easy pickup. You will want to tell the library you have a Wauconda Area library card since some restrictions may apply.

  4. Drive to the library and pick up the title with your Wauconda Area library card and a photo ID. You must have your Wauconda Area Library card with you (most area libraries do NOT accept our keychain library cards).

Once finished, you can either return the item to the Wauconda Area Library or to the original lending library.

If you need assistance with the IllinoisCatalog, please contact the Adult Services Reference Desk at 847-526-6225 ext. 203.