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NEW!  3M Cloud Library:
FREE eBooks in the Library Catalog!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library is a new, easy way to download eBooks for free from the Wauconda Area Library to your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  The 3M Cloud Library  is available to Wauconda Area Library card-holders only.  These are the same as ebooks you may have purchased at from vendors such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon, except they are FREE!

3M Cloud Library

2. How do I get started using the 3M Cloud Library?

  -  A valid Wauconda Area Library card and your password (PIN)
Visit the library’s website and click on the 3M Cloud Library icon or link
  -  Download the 3M Cloud Library software or mobile app (see App List below)
  -  Log in to the software or app.
 Browse or search for a book to check out inside the software (or on the website).
  -  Read the book inside the software (or transfer to an ereader from the computer).
  -  Use the library's online catalog to find 3M eBooks more easily AND check them
     out immediately or place a hold (see FAQ #5 below).

3. What kind of eReader or device can I use with the new 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library can be used on most computers, and it automatically syncs to all your devices that have the 3M Cloud Library App downloaded to them. You can start reading on your iPad and continue later while waiting some where and reading from your phone - right where you've left off.

App List - All Apps are FREE

To download the FREE 3M Cloud Library app for your device, click on the following link that pertains to your device:

iTunes iOS App - For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Google Play App - For Android Phones and Devices 

Nook HD/HD+, Color, and Tablets

Windows App for PCs, Laptops, Nooks (original, Touch, Color) Kobo, Sony

Mac (OS X) App for Mac, Kindle Fire, Nooks (original, Touch, Color), Kobo, Sony

4. Is the 3M Cloud Library compatible with Kindles?

Not yet.  3M is working with both Amazon to work out the kinks for Kindles.  In the meantime, if you have a Kindle, please visit our MyMediaMall page for eBooks for Kindles and for downloadable audiobooks.

5. What is the easiest way to find the eBooks I'm looking for?

The library catalog is the best way.  Be sure to log into your account first.  Then simply type 3m into the Keyword search or Quick library search box along with key words from whatever title, author, or subject you are looking for.  Select Ebooks in the Limit by box. 

If you click here, all you'll need to do is type in
a few keywords to the right of the "3m" in the search box

Look at this example for finding eBooks about Disney World:

                   Keyword search for: 


You can also simply browse the 3M Cloud Library by "Shelves" or by subject category using your 3M Cloud Library app on your device.  The best way to search the collection, though, is by clicking on this link and using the library's online catalog. 

6. What does it mean when I see the 3M Cloud Library symbol in the online catalog beneath a Check Out or a Place Hold box?

This means you have found an eBook that can be checked out immediately to your 3M Cloud Library account, as long as you have logged in to your library account.  All you have to do is click on the Check Out box. When you log into the 3M Cloud Library app, click on "My Books", and you will see the book on your shelf.   If the eBook isn’t available, you will see the Place Hold box instead of the Check Out box, and you can place a hold by clicking on the Place Hold box.  eBook hold notifications are sent directly from the catalog – just as it would for any other item – using the notification preferences patrons you already selected for your account. 

7. What are the 3M Cloud Library check out limits?

You may check out 5 eBooks at a time.
You may place holds on 4 eBooks at a time.
You have 3 days to check out an eBook that you had on hold, once it becomes available.
eBooks are checked out for 14 days - the eBook returns automatically at that time.
You may return an ebook early if you finish, so that the next person in line can check it out.
Your 3M Cloud Library check-outs do not count against your MyMediaMall checkouts.

8. Can I renew eBooks?

No you can’t renew eBooks, but once they are returned you can check them out again, as long as there are no holds for someone else.

9. Do I pay fines for eBooks?

No – the eBooks disappear automatically after the check-out period (14 days) is reached.  No fines – no overdue notices – no hassle.

9. Will the library continue to offer ebooks through MyMediaMall?

Yes. MyMediaMall and 3M Cloud Library each have their own strengths.  MyMediaMall has ebooks for Kindle, as well as downloadable audiobooks.  It also has greater selection of eBooks, but keep in mind that the library shares these with many other libraries, whereas the eBooks in 3M Cloud Library are owned outright by the library and will be available to you much more quickly if not immediately. 

10.  Why don't 3M Cloud Library eBooks work with a Kindle?

Amazon, the company behind the Kindle, requires the lending library companies to have an agreement with them in order to offer Kindle compatibility.  3M is in negotiations with Amazon to work on offering Kindle compatibility with the 3M Cloud Library.

11.  I do not see the newest books by some of my favorite authors, and they are popular authors, often on the bestseller lists.  Why don’t you have them?

In the past, some of the largest publishing groups would not sell eBooks to libraries at all, and these were therefore not available in the 3M Cloud Library.  This situation has improved in recent months, and more of your favorite authors will soon be available using the library's 3M Cloud Library service.

12.  What formats are available in 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library only features Adobe EPUB eBooks. It does not feature other forms of content like digital audiobooks, music and video. 

13.  How many 3M Cloud Library eBooks does the library own?

As of May 9, the library owned more than 550 3M Cloud Library titles.  This number is growing rapicly - we plan to own more than 1,000 titles by July, 2013, and 2,000 titles by July, 2014.





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