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Suggestions - 2012

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December 2012


December 2012


1. Children’s new movies should be three days instead of two. If you check a new movie out on a Friday, it needs to be back on Sunday. You should be allowed to keep it through the weekend. It also allows more time if you check out more than one. Many of your videos are really beat up. You should think about replacing some or consider repairing with scratch repair. Many videos won’t play in video players.

We’ll give all of your suggestions consideration.  We own an industrial DVD cleaner/restorer that we use frequently.  When you come across a DVD that is not working properly, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know.  We only have enough time to process the problem discs – it would be impractical to process every disc in the collection.  Thanks for your suggestions.

2. On the north side of the library, just off the mowed grass in the heavy grass, put a couple of bird feeders. It will teach the kids about the birds and look nice.

We will give some thought to your suggestion.  We have discussed taking advantage of this wetland as an educational resource at some point in the future. 

3. Please purchase: more Smile books, more books by Chris Van Dusen books, more Morris books; CDs by Rhianna, Pink, Relient K; DVD: End of Watch

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

4. You have excellent helpers in Reference.

Thank you!

5. You should change your “almost overdue” notices to say that items can be renewed online as well as by calling the library.

We will double check the text on those notices to make sure that patrons know they can renew both ways!  Thank you.



November 2012

1. Thank you for putting a drop box outside of the Island Lake Village Hall!!!

You're more than welcome!  We look forward to starting this service December 10!  Save time and gas!  Use it to return books, DVDs, and CDs!

2. I’m so happy the parking lot has brighter lights.

We’re glad to hear it!  We’re very proud to say that we retrofitted these lights with energy-saving, cost-effective LED lights that are 60% brighter than the old lights!

3. Please purchase: Whitney Huston CD , El Feo book by Cuauhtemoc Sanchez, CDs; DVDs: Pokemon DVDs, That’s So Raven, more Looney Toons, Animaniac, Pinky and the Brain.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

4. Why can’t you put on the Bears football game on the library’s TV? We just need the picture! Ela Library does it! Thank you.

At present, this is not possible, because the HDTV is not located near a cable feed.  We plan to add cabling that will correct this – perhaps using at least one additional HDTV elsewhere in the library -- and then we’ll consider what programming to show.


October, 2012

1. Please make all DVDs that are longer than 3 hours a 2 week loan.

An interesting suggestion!  We’ll give some thought to loan periods with respect to DVD play time.

2. Often when we borrow DVDs and blu-rays they are very dirty and scratched. I know you check books for damage; any chance you can check these as well? I know that no one can sit around and watch movies all day, but cleaning them off would be nice. Also, if someone brings back a disc nasty and damaged you can have the patron replace it rather than absorb the cost.

We’re sorry you received some DVDs that were dirty or scratched.  It is impossible for us to check and clean all of our DVDs on a regular basis due to the large collection, but we will be happy to clean DVDs that are returned with a patron note indicating a problem so that the next patron doesn’t experience any problems.  Thank you.

3. Please purchase: CD Glass Heart by Leona Lewis; Yu Gi Oh! 5 d’s Shonen Jump Manga

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

4. Have a class to learn iPad, Nook and Kindle.

Thank you for the suggestion.  We are planning a class at the beginning of January so please look for it in the next newsletter.

5. It would be nice if there were outlet protectors on the electrical outlets in the children’s play section.

While we attempt to keep the outlets protected at all times, the plastic caps are sometimes removed (and not replaced) when the department is vacuumed.  We will keep a closer eye on this – thanks for the alert.



September, 2012

August, 2012


July, 2012

1. Thank you for keeping the Children’s Section so nice. My son loves coming here. Thanks!

We are happy to hear that you and your son enjoy the Children’s department.  Please visit often! 

2. Please purchase: Serial killer books ; DVDs: Naruto Shippuden, Pokemon, 20/20 specials, all  Xena Warrior Princess seasons, more Bollywood films.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Necesitamos mas computadoras para los ninos.
(Trans: We need more computers for children.)

We plan to add another AWE computer for preschoolers soon!  We are also considering ways of adding more computers and tablets elsewhere in the library, including children’s Services

4. Week 5’s “prize” – another log to fill out from Barnes & Noble – a log you can get for free there and at Ela library? That’s a bit lame. I’m a bit disappointed in this summer’s prizes.

For week #5, we gave away squirters and water bombs along with the Barnes & Noble reading logs.  If your child did not receive a water toy for achieving his or her reading goal that week, please stop by the Children’s Reference desk – we have plenty left over!

Just in case you did not realize it, the Barnes & Noble logs are redeemable for free paperback books at any Barnes & Noble store. 

5. Can’t you do U.S passports, like Lake Zurich does? You would make $25 per passport! We could use the service. A win/win! Thank you!

We’ll consider doing this – thanks for the suggestion!

6. Your helper went above and beyond the call of duty at the Stockwood concert. He worked up quite a sweat directing all the incoming cars to the overflow, running back and forth to flag them, and escort them to a spot. Very friendly, and very orderly, or at least he made it appear so! Exiting took another skill set and this challenge he also met with superb effort. Whatta guy J!

Thank you for the compliment!  Your kind words have been passed along to the library staff member. 

7. I would love to see a True Crime book club. I would love to have speakers such as medical examiners, crime scene investigators, etc. I would also enjoy a horror book club. I would also like to see fibromyalgia magazines(FM Aware, FM Network News) and All Animals magazine from the ASPCA.

We consider your suggestions when planning future programs.  We will also look into the magazine subscriptions mentioned. 

8. For summer and warmer months, offer the Keurig cups with a cup of ice. You can pour coffee or tea over ice and have a refreshing cool drink.

We’d love to do this, but for a variety of reasons there is no practical, cost-effective way to provide this service.



9. Your Reference Librarian is phenomenal. She goes out of her way to make sure every visitor is at home and have what they need to succeed. She is friendly, caring, and professional.

Thank you for the feedback!

10. Why can’t you have the Cubs and Bears games on the library’s TV (no sound) like they do at the Ela library? Thank you!

We’ll consider doing this – thanks for suggesting it!

11. We all liked the band (July 5th), but why did the person who picks the summer bands put the band in the middle of the library, making it almost impossible to work on the computers, read or study or even checkout a book?!

We hope library patrons will understand that normally concerts are held outdoors in order to accommodate the large crowds.  However, due to the extreme heat, the decision was made to hold the concert indoors.  Subsequent concerts have been held outdoors with minimal disruption to library services.  Once in a while, though, Mother Nature will force us all inside.  In the future, please let us know and we will try to find a quiet place for you!

12. We love this library as a family; especially the Children’s Area. Excellent staff too! Thank you!

Thanks for the compliments – they brightened our day! 


June, 2012


1. First, I’d just like to thank the staff for what a wonderful job that you all do. We love coming to this library! We also enjoy all the great children’s programs provided. I just think it would be so nice to add a map or a globe so that children could be more aware/cognizant of the world we live in and to see other countries around us.

Thank you for your kind comments!

We will be happy to purchase a new globe for the Children’s department (our old one was outdated and had to be discarded.)

2. Please purchase CDs: Jennifer Lopez,  Chris  Brown, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Could you have a book club sometime that you read a bunch of Rebecca Caudill first place books?

We will discuss your idea for a Rebecca Caudill Book Group when we plan future programs.  We agree that the Rebecca Caudill winners would be wonderful to read and discuss! 

4. A library should maintain a quiet environment for patrons to read and study. This should not just apply to the Quiet Room, but throughout the library. There are often loud conversations and commotion in various locations of the library. Other than that, the staff is doing a wonderful job.

We appreciate your feedback.  As with most other libraries, we encourage and facilitate a “quiet environment” to the extent possible.  The library’s Patron Behavior Policy prohibits “excessive and disruptive conversations”.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to enforce this at all times – with the exception of the Quiet Study Room – without transforming the library into an unfriendly, unwelcoming place.  Given that this is a community library – not an academic library – this would be inappropriate.  However, we are always taking steps to lessen the noise level.  For example, a self-checkout station will soon be located in Children’s Services so that parents and children won’t have to wait in line at the main Circulation Desk upstairs.

5. Your website says you’re closed on Sundays!!

Thank you for letting us know.  The time was incorrect for Sunday on the library catalog.  It has been fixed.  EG

6. My kids and I come from Mundelein just to visit this library. I love the selection of movies, CDs and books, then I grab coffee. When I’m done we head downstairs for a long playtime. The kids love the games, toys, and computers. After a while I have to pry them away. This library has everything! I love the children’s area downstairs because they can be contained and yet roam and explore. Thanks for such a wonderful and safe place for me and my kids to learn and grow.

Your compliments really brightened our day!  We want all children to feel welcome here, and we hope that each time they visit they will enjoy the many resources, services, and programs that the library offers - just for them! 


May, 2012

1. I like the books. They give me a calm mind. Thank you.

We are happy to hear that you enjoy our book collection!  Reading truly works wonders, doesn’t it? 

2. Please purchase DVDs: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Ghost Adventures, Pokémon, History Channel, Lizzie Maguire, Naruto Shippuden, Scooby Doo, Not Without My Daughter; CDs: Paula Rubino, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown; magazine: Bird Talk.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I think you should put more than two Wii games out for kids!

The Children’s collection of Wii games is very popular and numerous games are checked out each day.  If you do not see many games on the storage rack when you visit the Children’s department, please stop by the Children’s Reference desk and ask the librarian to check for returned games that haven’t been re-shelved.  Also, don’t forget that you can place holds on games that you want (up to five games); the library will contact you when those items are here and ready for you to pick up. 

4. I checked out 4 DVDs today – only 2 of them would play. I…found them to be so disgustingly filthy I did not even want to handle them. … I spent at least ˝ hour meticulously cleaning your DVDs, which I was then able to play. This is not the first time I have had to clean your media. A small monetary investment would allow you to invest in a DVD cleaning machine which would prevent this problem.

We’re sorry you received a couple of DVDs that would not play.  It is impossible for us to clean all of our DVDs on a regular basis due to the large collection, but we will be happy to clean DVDs that are returned with a patron note indicating a problem so that the next patron doesn’t experience any problems.  Thank you.

5. I think this is a great library and has such a wide selection of amazing books! Also, can you please start getting more new books?

We appreciate your kind comments!  Please know that the library purchases hundreds of new books every month; if you need help finding the new books, please ask a librarian for assistance.  We want you to find what you want each time you come to the library!

6. I noticed some of your grass has been killed (by chemicals) and would like to say put in native plants there! A blessing in disguise. I’ll even do it for you!!

Thanks for your constructive suggestion, but we must replace the grass for various reasons.  Unfortunately, when the library’s landscaping company did their spring weed-and-feed treatment of the grass, they inadvertently used a grass killer instead of the weed killer they were told it was when they purchased it.  The landscaper is correcting the problem free of charge, but this will take time.  They have already neutralized the chemical that killed the grass and have planted new grass seed.  They will plant another batch of seed in mid-June.  The library has already started watering regularly in order to expedite the growth of the seed, since we have been getting so little rain.


April 2012

1. I think you need to download iTunes onto the computers.

We have looked into the possibility of having iTunes on the public computers, but it just isn’t feasible at this time.  iTunes can only be used with a limited number of computers and devices, which doesn’t work in a public setting like the library.

2. DVDs: Sherlock Season 2, Backdraft, Breaking Bad Seasons 4 & 5, Smallville, That 70’s Show, more Three Stooges, Antichrist , Amityville Horror 2, Nosferatu, Wuthering Heights, See No Evil.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. A more active Teen book club. Also, books that are currently up to date. Ones that will be interesting to all types of high schoolers.

Our teen book club is currently undergoing some changes.  The next club meets May 2.  It will also meet monthly during the summer. We hope you can join us!

4. Try checking out SD cards instead of checking out iPod, iPad, etc. I could bring in my SD card and you slip into your computer and I leave with a book, movie, etc. and put it on my machine’, “Epad” computer or other device.

A “downloading station” is in the planning process.  This station will facilitate the downloading of e-books and e-audiobooks to various types of devices.  Because of copyright restrictions, we are unable to copy materials directly to devices other than library-owned devices.

5. We are very displeased with our services here at Wauconda Area Library. We have been removed from this federal property for the reasoning: “Even if I hear a “shh,shh, shh”, you will be kicked out”. This is the only way we could silence our fellow peers… in an attempt to silence them before more noise was made. We were then removed from the building.

The library generally has a generous policy towards noise levels in certain areas, such as the Cozy Corner Café and The Zone, depending various factors, including the time of day and whether or not it’s a school day.  On the other hand, we try to keep other areas in the library below a certain noise level so that people in those areas can concentrate on their studies or reading.  The Library Director encourages you to give him a call at 847-526-6225, ext. 209, if you ever feel you have been treated unfairly.

6. It would be great to have some outdoor seating areas at the library. Benches or picnic benches under the trees so families or individuals can read outside on a nice day.

We will consider adding to the existing benches and memorial garden.  In the future, we hope to provide access to a special garden or courtyard that would be available for this purpose.

7. The “B” Hop. One of the better and fun race events that I’ve ever participated in. You’re the best!

We’re glad you enjoyed it – thanks for participating and thanks for the feedback!  This event was truly a community effort – we’re grateful to all the sponsors and to all who donated their time and efforts!

8. You should have PS3 and DS games here.

You’ll be happy to know we already have an order in place for PS3 games.  We will also look into ordering DS games.  Thanks for the suggestion!

9. Re:  Parking lot stop sign. Please consider replacing the ineffectual small stop sign in the lot at the crosswalk as no one stops. My suggestion is to place two of the “State law – Stop for pedestrian” signs like used in downtown Wauconda.

Two “State Law - Stop for [pedestrian] in crosswalk” signs like the signs on Main Street were indeed ordered and will soon be installed at this crosswalk.  Thanks for your suggestion!

10. The staff here is so friendly and pleasant. It is so clean and the books, oh the books and close-knit family-style presentation makes each trip here an adventure to remember!

Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate it!

11. I suggest that (children’s) holiday books that are not for the present season be okay to check out for the regular length of time.

As the library owns thousands of children’s holiday resources, it would be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task to reset loan periods before and after each major holiday over the course of the year.  However, if you would like an extended loan period for children’s holiday materials during their “off season,” feel free to ask the Circulation associate to adjust the due date for a 21-day loan instead of 7-day. 

12. The Suggestion Box should be prominently displayed to encourage ready use. Didn’t it use to be at the main desk?

The Suggestion Box is now prominently located at the Information Desk.  Thanks for your suggestion!

March 2012

1. Please purchase: DVDs: The Hills Have Eyes, Session 9, Amityville Horror Part 2.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

2. We are here every week – mostly in the Children’s section. Books are usually lost or very hard to locate. Most of the time, books are on the carts and not on the shelves. It becomes frustrating as I have a list and look up online prior to coming to the library. Needs to be better organized!

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced some difficulty finding books in the Children’s department.  The “returned materials” carts have been full lately, and items have not been re-shelved as quickly as usual.  To address this situation, we have increased the shelvers’ hours so that back-ups will not occur.  Please feel free to ask the Children’s librarian for help when you cannot readily locate books on your list – we will do everything we can to provide the library resources that you want!   

4. The parent and son bird house event was very fun and enjoyable. Thank you.

We’re glad to learn that you enjoyed this family craft.  As spring unfolds, we hope your new birdhouse attracts many occupants! 


February 2012

1. Please purchase: DVDs: Dr. Doolittle, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1, Second Chance; more books on colleges and college majors, technical and scientific careers, top jobs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

2. What wonderful "customer service" your library provides. Very helpful and friendly staff. Also, what attention to kids are always asking to go to the library and see the displays! Many thanks for all the effort.


Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

January 2012

1. I think children would benefit from a globe in the Young Adult section. My kids always have questions about geography and continents and the library would be a perfect place to have this resource. Thank you.

We will consider this.  Thanks for the suggestion.

2. Please purchase: more Polish books, Poirot and Brontës of Haworth DVDs, new Rihanna and Gloria Estefan CDs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Need light at crosswalk at night. Really, really, really dark. Don’t see people at all. Very, very, unsafe.

The library is investigating ways to improve lighting in this area and elsewhere around the parking lot.  Thanks for your interest!

4. I love the library! It provides me with hours of good books! Thanks for being here!

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

5. Darkness in parking lot exiting the library – even the steps are dark. Lights do not give enough light for protection. Dangerous! Please have something done before it’s too late.

Since the current facility opened in 1997, the library has added lighting in several key places, such as the front stairs, and has made improvements to the parking lot lighting.  However, we are now investigating ways to improve lighting at the crosswalk and throughout the parking lot.  Thanks for your feedback!