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Suggestions - 2011

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December 2011

1. You guys should start carrying X-Box games!

We will consider adding X-Box games to our video game collection.  Thank you!

2. Please purchase these DVDs: Pokemon, the First Movie

This are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestion!

3. AMAZING! I made a suggestion about a month ago regarding the stop sign, and you did it! Thank you.

Thanks again for your suggestion!

4. The Reference Librarian spent over an hour helping me with my Sony Reader. She was pleasant beyond belief. There was no hint of condescension. She is fabulous!

Thanks for your feedback – glad that we could help!


Via email:

 We have enjoyed our library the last 11 years we have lived here.  Now our son gets the awesome opportunity of selecting, reading, and enjoying your wonderful library.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed our first visit together in the children's area.  Thank you very much for the free gift, Guy loves it! 


November 2011

1. The library should get library key chain cards.

We have them - stop by the Information Desk and we will gladly give you one. 

2. Please purchase these DVDs: season 2 of Parenthood, Paul Gross movies more Robot Chicken, Bollywood movies. Rare Exports, Christmas Mail, Grave Encounters.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I would love to see the WWII canteen music visit the library again. It was wonderful entertainment!

We’re glad you enjoyed the program!

4. I really enjoy coming to this library. I think the staff does a great job. Something I noticed is how dark it is at the crosswalk coming over from the parking lot. It there any way it could be lit up better? Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of requests like these.

Thanks for your nice comments!  We have added special crosswalk signs at that location that are very reflective of headlights, but we are also getting pricing for an additional street light of some sort for that location.

5. A wonderful library for kids! Story times are fun and exciting; relaxing atmosphere for parents; staff always helpful and pleasant.

Thank you for the compliments!  Your kind words really brightened our day! 

6. I love this library! My kids love the “Awe”computers. I wish there were more! The kids race to them! Sometimes there is a wait to use them.

We are happy to hear your children enjoy using the early literacy computers!  These AWE workstations are in nearly constant use, and we hope to add more as budgeting allows.

7. Too many bad older movies you are buying. So many new movies you’re not getting? Even older titles like “Addams Family Values” would be worth renting.

Thanks for the heads-up!  We’ll take a closer look at this.

[Excerpted from full letter] Last Saturday evening, I was driving on Main Street past the library at about 11 pm. I was struck by the way the library building is lit at night. The glass and glowing lights inside the building are a spectacle to behold. No one can deny the bold aesthetics of the building's architecture.
That said, upon reflection, I wonder if library resources would not be better utilized, during these especially difficult financial times, by simply shutting off the lights.

Because the library is a public facility, there are certain lights that must remain on at all times for the safety of library staff and patrons and for security purposes. In order to comply with various building codes when this facility was built, the lighting system was designed to leave some lighting on all night long. The building commissioner of the Village of Wauconda has confirmed that this lighting is still required. We are able to switch off most of the regular interior lighting when we close each night, but the switch has no effect on the lights that are left on in order to satisfy the building code — they are hard-wired and must remain on. We turn off everything we can, including portions of the air system and computers to the extent possible, in order to conserve energy and keep the library's electricity costs at a minimum.

A patron came in for help finding a book. She had texted the call # to her phone when she was using the catalog from home, and said that she was so excited when she saw that feature. She said, "I love this new system. It's awesome!"

Thanks for the feedback – we hope everyone will take advantage of all the great features of the new online catalog!


October, 2011

1. Just got out of the “Intro to Excel” class. The teacher was exceptional. I would sign up for every future class she teaches. She teaches thoroughly; great explanation; covers a large amount of material in just 2 hours

Thank you for the compliment.  We will let our instructor know how much you enjoyed the class.

2. Please purchase: Boowa & Kwala movies

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3.”Best Picks” was great. I can’t find anything comparable (in Polaris). No way to sort new books and there are too many I’m not interested in.

We agree and will soon provide lists similar to the ones in our old system.

4. Re: Online access, new Polaris system. Graphic layout for renewing items not as easy to read as previous system. Can the GUI layout be changed?

The graphic layout for renewing items cannot be changed at this time.  Please ask a staff member if you have any questions about renewing your items.  We will be happy to assist you.

5. Re: New “card” system. I hope it is possible for patrons to be issued a key card with a duplicate (same as original card) number. Both cards are needed by patrons. A regular card is needed at other libraries as they do not accept key cards. A key card is needed as a convenience for Wauconda patrons.

We understand your concern about the need for a matching library card and keychain card.  The next time we order library cards we will order matching sets of regular cards and keychain cards so that you will be able to use either one with our new system as well as at neighboring libraries.

6. Please set up a printer for the computer room, as other libraries are set up. Can’t copy, can’t print if either is being done. Many frustrated folks.

Not sure what you mean.  Two very effective printers are available for all computer users in the Computer Resource Center.  We have two machines so that if one is in use, the other machine is available for printing or copying.  To  knowledge, this setup has worked well for computer users here.

7. Would like better headphones. The headphones that are at the little kid’s computer do not stay adjusted.

We replace the headphones at the early literacy computer workstations regularly, as they receive a lot of use and wear out rather quickly. However, please be aware that the volume levels on those computers can be increased or decreased by key strokes, which may occur inadvertently.  Please let the Children’s librarian know if you experience any difficulty with the headphones; she will be happy to help!

8. Lovely library! I am here often for children’s books. Everyone is kind and helpful. Wonderful coffee!

Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate it!  As for the coffee, cheers!


September, 2011

1. Please turn off TV/Story in Children’s play area. Children do not seem to be watching and it’s annoying to their caregivers.

Please understand that the Children’s preschool play area is designed first and foremost to serve the developmental needs of young children, and that the toys, puppets, drawing materials, board books, puzzles, early literacy computers, and early literacy programming on the HD-TV are all important components that create this stimulating, engaging environment.  Since their attention spans are rather short, the preschoolers who play in this area tend to move fluidly from one activity to another, usually devoting only a matter of minutes to any given activity. We have observed children watch a TumbleBooks story on the HD-TV, stage a puppet show, and trace shapes with stencils – all within a very brief timeframe. We hope your child will enjoy visiting the preschool play area each time you come to the library! 

2. Please purchase: HBO documentaries Paradise Lost 1 & 2; Creepela VanCacklefur series.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!


August, 2011

1. Have a class or classes “MyMediaMall for Dummies”! I’ve had no luck with it and sure could use a helper!

We will be adding a MyMediaMall class in the winter.  Look for it in the next issue of the Focus!

2. Please purchase: Arthur’s, Dragon Tales, Hantaro,  Sonic Underground; DVDs: Brady Bunch, Smallville, Cosby Show, Basshunter, Fired Up 2, Marine, Marine 2, Naruto, Hobo with a Shotgun; Alejandro Guzman, Mana, Kelly Rowland, Cristian Castro, Selena Gomez, Rocio Dulcan, Marc Anthony, Vicki Carr, Ana Gabriel CDs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. When a requested book or DVD is available, send the patron an email instead of calling. A phone call is nice and personal but an email would be faster and more efficient. Call the few that don’t have email or want a call.

Our new Polaris library automation system will utilize email notification, as well as texting to your cell phone if you wish.  The new system is scheduled to “go live” October 13!

4. It would be nice if movies for preschoolers weren’t always on Tuesdays. We have preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays so we can’t make any of them.

We will take your suggestion into consideration when scheduling future Movies for Preschoolers programs. Thanks for the input! 

5. I would like more audio CD books for kids in Spanish! My children learn Spanish at school. I do not speak Spanish, and I have found the audiobooks very helpful.

We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the Children’s books-and-CDs in Spanish.  We will be adding more titles to that collection each month, and all of them will be shelved at the end of the books-and-CDs range immediately following the English titles.  This should make them very easy to find! 

6. Ela Library has an “Authors Club”, will you consider doing it here? Pick favorite authors you read; when a new release of the author on your list comes out, you are put on hold., That way you are always reading current new releases of your favorite authors. Pick-up at drive-thru too!

We will consider a program like this after we switch over to our new online catalog.  Thanks for the suggestion!
Drive-thru pickup is planned for the future.

7. This library is so amazing! I love it! You have the best staff!

We’re glad you feel that way – thanks for the feedback!

8. Any assistance finding CDs, books, making copies: Everyone has been pleasant, helpful, and proficient. Excellent staff!

Thank you – please always let us know if you need any help finding an item!  

9. You should get faster computers.  I was waiting five minutes for the Internet to load.

We are in the process of upgrading every computer in the library from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Some PCs will be replaced with new ones, and all the others will get memory upgrades.  This project is scheduled to be finished by early October.


July, 2011

1. Please offer Spanish/English storytime in the afternoon for Kindergartners in the fall. We would love to see a Chinese/English storytime too.

We will discuss offering the “Hello Friends” programs in the afternoon when future sessions are planned.  Since no one on staff speaks or reads Chinese, we are unable to present Chinese/English storytimes.
Thank you for your suggestions.

2. Please purchase: Some “Ed, Edd, Eddy” DVDs, new toys, Interweave Quilting Arts CD collection, more books, more decorations, more I Spy books.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. The Parent/Child book club on July 16th was great. I was able to read with my son where the book had a boy as the lead character. Many of the summer program selections had “girl” themes or characters. I wish that both of my sons could have participated

We are happy to hear that you and your son enjoyed the “Book Bunch Book Club!”  We will continue to offer parent/child book discussion programs, so please be sure to check future editions of the library’s newsletter or look online at the library’s web site to see which age groups will be targeted for these popular multi-generational programs.

4. As a non-resident, my family greatly enjoys all of the children’s programs! This summer we found ourselves on many waiting lists or not even having the option for a waiting list. We are hoping you can make the classes larger to accommodate the high demand the shows are generating.

Since Wauconda Area Library District residents are able to sign up for library programs exclusively the first week of registration, there will be times when high-interest programs will be closed to non-residents when the second week of registration begins.  While we do develop waiting lists for many of our programs, some specialized programs (such as book discussion groups) will close once the limited number of books ordered for these have been distributed to registrants.  You may want to consider suggesting to your home library the children’s programs that you would like to see offered for your family.
Thanks for your input! 

5. Please schedule some classical music in the outdoor concert series.

We will consider this when planning future music programs.  Thanks for the suggestion!

6. I want to be able to use a credit card to add value to my library card so I have a receipt to turn in to my company for reimbursement.

We can do this through our Epay system.  Please ask someone at the Adult Services Reference Desk for assistance. 

7. The Cozy Corner Café should be a quiet area. Very distracting when trying to read and people are talking and playing cards. Put signs up to indicate quiet area.

Please understand that cafés generally are not quiet, and the Cozy Corner Café is no exception.  Polite, quiet conversation is welcome there.  If you seek quiet, the Quiet Study Room is the place for you.  Please let us know if that room is ever not quiet.

8. Loved the jewelry class! Beautiful idea, great Xmas gift.

We’re glad you enjoyed the jewelry classes!

9. Sell magazines for a low price when done, near books for sale. Adults and kids or give away. We always go to Crystal Lake library to do this.

We’ll pass your suggestion along to the Friends of the Library – thanks!

10. What an absolutely wonderful display! The items are amazing and the display itself is so well done. Thanks to the patron for sharing! It made my day!

We’re glad you enjoyed it!  We’ve been enjoying it, too – what a great bit of history!

11. Ever since last winter, the light on the flagpole in the handicapped parking lot has not shone on the flag, and even worse, the flag has big holes in it.

We have replaced the flag with a new one and we’ll adjust the light – thanks for the reminder! 

12.”Never Say Never” is a documentary, not a music video.

We have assigned a call number that groups this video with other similar videos in order to make it easier to find if simply browsing the shelf.  Please let us know if you ever have difficulty finding an item at the library – we’re glad to help!

13. A picture and names of the fish in the tank.

A great idea!  We will contact our fish supplier to obtain the information.  Thanks! 

14. A sleepover for kids at the library.

We will discuss your suggestion at a future Children’s Services program planning session.
Thank you! 


June, 2011


1. I just finished making the gypsy necklace. I loved the bead class. It was fun and informative. I already signed up for the wine glass class.

We’re glad you enjoyed the jewelry program and have signed up for the next one.  We look forward to seeing you there!

2. More Sara Dessen books, Beowulf by Rebsamen, DVD Doc Martin series.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I love all of the Harry Potter series books and movies. They are so fun to read. I like how everything is sorted.

We’re glad you enjoy this so much – thanks for your feedback!

4. Make a truck to deliver a book for the person. Thank you.

We’re not sure we understand this suggestion, but we do provide homebound delivery service for anyone in the district who requests specific materials and is physically unable to visit the library.

5. I just wanted to drop a note to compliment your staff for the great help provided to me in organizing a complicated notary service.

We’re glad to be of service – thanks for the feedback!


May, 2011

1.While I am happy to have the new shelves so that the Children's section can have more books, I hate that so many books are on their sides. My child finds many books by looking at the spins, but is unable to see the books on the top two shelves because they are on their sides. I also think it makes that side feel cluttered and disorganized. Please consider adjusting the shelves, even if it means fewer books.

We, too, were happy to expand the shelving for the picture books, as that collection has grown enormously since the library expansion in 1997! The library now owns over 10,000 picture books and will be purchasing many, many more in the coming years. In order to accomodate the growth of this collection - and yet keep the shelving ranges as accessible to children as possible - we have had to make adjustments in the way books are placed on the shelves. We realize that this will take a little getting used to! Our goal is to put more books into the hands of more children to meet the needs of our growing community. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

2. Disney Princess and Super Heroes books in Spanish, book on how to behave and why.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3.Can you please have Pokemon tournaments for grades 4-6 on the Nintendo Wii?

The Children's staff will discuss offering a Wii Pokemon tournament when plans for fall programs get underway. We love to have young gamers come to the library! Thanks for your suggestion.

4. I usually use the Internet Row computers and after an hour or so it starts getting very cold over there. I don't know why the air conditioning needs to be on. It was also going on in the winter.

We do our best to regulate the temperature insdie the library to keep most people comfortable. Broad fluctuations in the temperature outside will sometimes affect the indoor temperature until there is time for the furnace or air conditioning to adjust. Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone all the time with respect to temperature, as much as we would like to.

5. I attended the cupcake class and really disappointed. I thought it would be tips, suggestions, and recipes for cupcakes and there was none of that; very misleading. All it was - an infomercial for a pricey cupcake store in McHenry and the only recipe given out was for a chocolate chip cookie? What a let down.

We're sorry you didn't enjoy the cupcake program. If you have attended other cooking programs in the past, you might want to attend the return of Chef Michael Maddox for a summer desserts demonstration in July.

6. I think you are all doing a good job and I like how you have someone here to keep an eye on all the teens. It's nice to come here.

Thanks for your feedback!

7. I have taken computer classes here at the library and they were very helpful. I was hoping that the library might have a class for texting and phones. I sure could use some help.

We'll take this into consideration when planning future programs. Thanks!

8. Please have more handicapped parking spots. Three close are not enough and two are too far away.

Only three spaces can fit where they are now. There is a fourth handicapped space in the regular parking lot, a fifth near the employee entrance. We will consider adding another space in the regular parking lot as close to the entrance as possible.

9. Open mic adult poetry readings.

We'll take this into consideration when planning future programs. Thanks!

April 2011

1. Can we put a U.S. Mail box in front of the library?

We will forward your suggestion to the U.S. Postal Service.  Given that the USPS is making cuts in mail pickup and delivery, it is not likely they will add a mail box at this location.  There is also the problem of finding a location for the box that is accessible by automobile -- there is no such location in the library’s parking lot or driveway.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Rainbow Brite series, Gummy Bears series, Monkees TV show; Just Dance CDs, any techno.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I continue to be so very impressed with the staff of this library. Everyone that I have met provides such great support and assistance, not only to me, but to all other patrons around me. From the time I walk in the door to the time I leave the computers at the Reference Desk, I am treated in the most friendly and professional manner, and in between, I enjoy the delicious coffee!

Thank you very much for your nice comments – we appreciate it!

4. Please put a sign on the door that cell phone calls can’t be made or taken inside the library.

We are working on a new policy regarding the use of cell phones, and a sign will be posted at the entrance.  There will be parts of the library where brief, polite cell phone conversations are allowed (i.e., the booths in The Zone), and other parts where no noise related to cell phones will be permitted (i.e., the study tables, computer workstations, and Quiet Study Room in the Adult Services department.

5. My son is 15 ½ and when he was between 7 and 9 years of age your wonderful staff had an author’s birthday of the month. They would read 5 books, bring the kids in and make cards for that author. I hope you would think about doing it again in the future.

We will consider re-offering the “Happy Birthday, Dear Author” when we plan future programs.  Thanks for the suggestion! 

6. You should have pictures displayed of the old library and the first phase of this library.

Great idea – we’re working on this!  We’re also working on a library history web page that will include photographs of the older buildings, former staff and trustees, and other notable figures from the library’s past.

7. I would like to see a non-fiction book club; books on leadership, marketing.

We have a non-fiction book club that currently meets the first Monday night of the month.  We will consider choosing titles on leadership and marketing for future discussions.

8. I would like to see programs for Young Adults that include 6th grade students.

For quite some time, the Children’s dept. has offered a YA program each season that has included 6th-graders.  Some of these programs featured video game tournaments, life-size board games, and poetry scavenger hunts.  However, since the Children’s Services department is responsible for serving children from birth through sixth-grade, most programs developed for sixth-graders will be offered primarily through that department.  Please feel free to stop by the Children’s Reference desk and tell the librarian what types of programs you are interested in.
The YA programs in Adult Services, though aimed more at 7th-12th grade, are usually open to 6th-graders who feel comfortable interacting with these older kids.

9. I would love to see iPods with books in Spanish as well. Also more audiobooks in Spanish.

We will add a Spanish-language iPod and acudiobooks – thanks for the suggestion!

10. I borrowed a Kindle and was extremely disappointed with the book selections. The Kindle had 70 titles, almost all classics, and a dictionary. Most adults I know have read the classics and would like more bestsellers

Kindles and Nooks are able to hold many hundreds of books.  The library will be adding many more titles in the coming months and years.  The great majority of titles added will be public domain titles such as fiction "classics", because they are free.  The more recent titles are not free -- they cost about $5 - $15 per title.  We therefore can only add about a dozen recent titles to each device per year.  Please keep in mind that we are providing access to these devices not only as a means of checking out books, but as a means for patrons to try them out in case they are thinking of purchasing a Nook or a Kindle and wish to see which one they prefer.

11. I appreciate having a notary available. Also enjoy the book clubs.

Glad to hear it – we appreciate your feedback!

March 2011

1. I really like the student art show you have going now. You should do one for adults, Wauconda only, amateur only. I think it would be great!

We’re glad you enjoyed the art show!  We will take your suggestion into consideration when planning future programs. 

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Remains of the Day, Talk Radio, Who’s the Boss; CDs: Usher, J Lo, Britney Spears Bruno Mars.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Buy checkers for adults over 12 because we’re not allowed downstairs.

We will purchase a checker set and make it available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.  Thanks for the suggestion! 


February 2011

1. More speakers at the library on green living and technology.

Thank you for your suggestion.  We will take this into consideration when planning future programs.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Turner & Hooch, more Pokemon, Diamond Pearl, more history films and A&E specials; CDs: Wisin y Yandel, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Navigator.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. We think it would be great if there was an afternoon kindergarten storytime.

Thank you for your suggestion.  The Children’s staff will discuss this in future program planning sessions. 

4. Awesome facility! Very helpful staff. I enjoyed my visit – I’ll be back.

Thank you – we’re glad to hear it!

5. Using a laptop is essential for implementing research for school. The battery life of a laptop is usually 45 minutes. The quiet room has only two outlets and more than 2 people need to use them at any given time. .Please out more outlets in the quiet study room!

We are planning to install additional electrical outlets in the floor and in the interior wall by the end of April.

6. In 2010 you offered a class on Facebook. Will you please repeat this class?

Thank you for your suggestion.  We will take this into consideration when planning future programs.

7. There needs to be a display put up for Women’s History Month! Also, very sad not to see a display for Black History Month.

We agree!  A Women’s History Month book display is now available by the adult new non-fiction collection.  We also created a book display by the Circulation Desk for Black History Month.  We’ll consider displays in the main display case as they are made available for us.

January 2011

1. Honey for the tea.

We’re planning to make honey packets available at the Information Desk.  A maximum of two packets will be available free  upon request with the purchase of a cup of tea or coffee.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Associate, Jumping Jack Flash, American Dreamer, 36 Hours to Die, Passed Away, Housesitter, Houseguest, Mr. Destiny, U.S. Marshalls, Sleeping with the Enemy, Double Team, Total Recall, Sixth Day, Under Siege 2, Nowhere to Run, Heaven Can Wait, You Never Can Tell, Dinner on the Diner, Dolphins; Games: Zumba Wii.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please put more outlets in the Quiet Study Room.

We are planning to install additional electrical outlets in the floor and in the interior wall.

4. The system for music CDs is the worst! Can’t understand or find anything. Please change it!

This standard library system, known as ANSCR (Alpha - Numeric System for Classification of Recordings), arranges recordings first by style and then by performer or composer, so that CDs within specific music genres can be found quickly and efficiently.  Once you know how it works, you will find that it makes it easier for you to browse the music categories that interest you the most.  Please ask for help at the Reference Desk, and we will show you how to take advantage of this system.  We have added a web page that serves as a key for finding CDs using this system.  A printed version of this key is available near the CD drawers.