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Suggestions - 2010

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December 2010

1. The library gets louder and louder every time I come here. If I don’t have an iPod I can’t even concentrate! I shouldn’t have to block out noise at the library!

Please understand that the library gets more than 5,000 visits per week and library staff answer an average of 750 questions per day.  It  will occasionally get a bit noisy, in spite of our efforts to keep the noise down to a reasonable level – especially during certain hours of the day.  In order to accommodate people who need a quiet space, we have a Quiet Study Room available where no talking or cell phone use is allowed. 


November 2010

1. I love your library. I feel like at home. Don’t change!

We’re glad to here it – thanks for the feedback!

2. Something to mark your spot when you are pulling a book from the shelf.

We provide small pieces of scrap paper at various service desks and tables throughout the library.  These are generally intended for people to jot down call numbers or small notes for themselves, but you are welcome to use these to mark your spot.  Another way to do this is to turn the adjacent book on its side.  Please fell free to place books on the book carts that are located at the ends of some of the shelf ranges – we’re happy to re-shelve the books ourselves.

3. I volunteer at (another) library and I want you to know how much nicer our Wauconda coffee area is than theirs. Ours is clean, has several creamers, and many varieties of coffee, tea, etc. Ela’s is dirty and their selection is limited. Also, they only offer powdered “creamer” full of trans-fat. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback – we make a special effort to keep our coffee bar appealing for our many great customers!

4. One of my favorite things at the library is Metroid Prime Trilogy. Nice pick!

Awesome – glad you’re enjoying it!


October, 2010

1. Honey or honey sticks for the tea.

The problem with honey is that it has a way of spilling, and even a small drop can cause some very sticky problems.  We continue to keep an eye out for powdered honey in packets.  So far, we have not been able to find such a product.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Law & Order SVU, Lion King; CDs: Luis Miguel, Keisha Kole, Beyonce, Shontelle, and Belanova.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. How about middle school and high school kids reading to kids in an open forum for all. Some people can’t make your class.

Our preschool storytimes and early literacy programs (i.e. Bounce and Books and ToddlerTime) are professionally developed programs that include stories, songs, music, puppetry, fingerplays, storytelling, and multimedia presentations.  While we greatly appreciate the volunteer services offered by middle school and high school students, they do not possess the education and experience required to actually present our “classes.”  We attempt to schedule our early literacy programs at varied times throughout the week, and hope that your child will be able to attend a daytime, evening, or weekend session soon!

4. No cell phones!

Use of cell phones is restricted to the library’s front vestibule.  We will also be requiring that people set their cell phones to vibrate while in the library.  Very brief conversations are acceptable, as the voice level does not disturb any other patrons. 

5. I had a medical incident in the library last week. The staff was amazing. They took such amazing care of me and watched my daughter until my husband came. When I got to the hospital, I realized that they even checked out my book for me!! We already feel that the Wauconda Library is a vital and wonderful haven for our family and now we are extra in love with all of you J. Thanks again.

Thank you for the nice comments.  Our staff are trained to handle emergency situations and we are glad that we were able to comfort you when you needed it.  Our patrons are amazing too!


September, 2010

1. Go above 800x600 on computer lab PC screens.

We’ll look into this.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Toy Story 3, Tinkerbell, Teenage Dream, A-Team, more 7th Heaven, more Blu-ray movies; CDs: Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull; Pilgrim’s Progress in modern English.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Your entire staff is wonderful. I’ve been coming here for one month now and continue to be impressed by how helpful everyone is to all of us patrons. From book recommendations to internet help to printing, faxing and general consultations – your team is the BEST!

We are glad to hear it – thanks!

4. I think you should have a food sale outside on weekends.

Sounds great, but there are several reasons why this would not be practical, not the least of which are the liability issues related to serving food to the public.

5. Have a spot to sell books and donate to needy kids and games on the computer for seven year-olds to play.

The library collects food for the Wauconda-Island Lake Food Pantry.  The Tri-County Thrift Shop accepts donations of books for charitable purposes.  All proceeds from book sales at the library go to the Friends of the Wauconda Area Library. 
With respect to games for 7-year-olds, we do have these for checkout and for use on the library’s computers -- please inquire at the Children’s Services reference desk. 

6. Try to keep people quieter. This is a very noisy library and people don’t seem to respect others who would like to enjoy their peace.

Thank you for your comments.  Please understand that the library gets more than 5,000 visits per week, and the library will occasionally get a bit noisy – especially during certain hours of the day.  In order to accommodate people who need a quiet space, we have a Quiet Study Room available, where there is no talking or cell phone use allowed.  The library also offers a small tutoring room available as an additional quiet space.  Appointments for the tutoring room can be made up to 14 days in advance at the Adult Services Reference Desk.


August, 2010

1. I would like the library to get the Advertiser. We live in an apartment, so we do not get it. The Advertiser has the best job, car and apartment ads, plus people just selling things. It would cost the library nothing!

We have ordered a subscription – thanks for your suggestion.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: China Beach, Dinner on the Diner, In the Wild (Dolphins), Mary-Kate and Ashley; children’s books, magazines and Sophie Kinsella books in Polish.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Offer more computer classes: Access, Advanced Word, Advanced Excel, Intermediate PowerPoint, and additional ones employers are looking for.

In August we replaced all of the computers in the Wireless Training Lab with new computers equipped with Windows 7 and Office 2010.  Now that we have done this, we will consider offering some more advanced classes.

4. More programs and activities for young adults

We are always looking for ways of expanding our program offerings to teens.  We would like to hear any specific suggestions you might have.

5. I wish there was a catalog accessible computer in view of the play area so I could look for items while my children play.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider installing a catalog-access computer in that area, but for now we suggest that you check out one of the library’s laptop computers to use when your children are enjoying the preschool area.   These laptops can be used in all public areas of the building.

July, 2010

1. I just wanted to let you know that we loved the Hola Amigos program and would love to continue taking the class. It was great!

Thanks for the compliment!  We plan to offer Hola Amigos again this winter – registration will begin in early January.

2. Please purchase:  DVDs: Iron Eagle, The Good Wife, The Nanny, Boy Meets Wild, Charmed, Charlie Chan movies, FX2, American Dreamer, Firefox, Flicka 2; more Latin music CDs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please do the Hola Amigos class again. My 4 year old loved it! The teacher was fantastic and enriched my child’s life. We hope to attend more Spanish-English storytime classes!

We are happy to hear that your child enjoyed Hola Amigos!  We will continue to offer this program intermittently throughout the year.

4. It would be helpful to have a place to put money in your card downstairs in the children’s area for printing.

You can add money to your card using the coin/bill machine connected to the photocopier.  The Children’s librarians will be happy to assist you! 

5. For Interlibrary Loan – Has anyone investigated making a deal with Fed Ex Ground or UPS?

Yes – these are cost-prohibitive because of the number of items sent and received every day.

6. I love the selection. The librarians are very helpful and friendly and the children’s activities for the summer are great! My only complaint: the ashtray location by the main entrance. It’s too close to the door. It stinks. To get to the handicapped button, you have to get even closer to the garbage/ashtray.

Thanks for your feedback.  We’ll consider relocating the ashtray or replacing it with a model better suited for that space.

7. I love your summer early reading program. Keep this going!

Thank you!  We will always offer a summer reading program for children – you can count on it! 

8. Keep the summer reading program going until the end of summer like the middle of August, at least!

Although the reading program “officially” concluded at the end of July, we strongly encourage children to continue reading all year long.  The Children’s department is always filled with book displays showcasing popular titles and high-interest materials – there is something for every reader here! 

9. A Chinese/English storytime would be great!

Thanks for the suggestion.  We will consider offering storytimes in foreign languages in the future as staffing and resources allow.


June, 2010

1. Please consider adding a 50¢ coupon for a fine waiver to the toy/prize option for the summer reading club.

We will discuss this at a future program planning session.  Thanks for your input! 

2. Please purchase:  Hannah Montana books, DVDs: Man with One Red Shoe, 36 Hours to Die, Rising Sun, Samurai Champloo; honey and natural sweeteners for the coffee area,.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please program the value-adding machine to accept $20 bills.

We’ll look into this.  In the mean time, please feel free to ask for change at the Circulation Desk.

4. I found the library staff to be very friendly and helpful. From making tea, to finding books, to working on the computer, this library and the community is very lucky to have such wonderful people working here.

Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate it!


May, 2010

1. This is the best library around! Beats Crystal Lake and Cary. Keep up the great work. And keep the young children’s events coming.

Thanks for the feedback!  Many more children’s events are in the works.

2. Please purchase:  CDs by Lifehouse, Dropkick Murphy; DVDs: Dangerous When Wet, Don’t Tell Her It’s Me, Georgia O’Keefe, Taming of the Shrew, Out-of-Towners, Emma.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Wi-Fi network configuration: 1. Increase number of IP addresses issued by the router. 2. Reduce the stale-session timeouts to flush out unused or disconnected IP addresses.

In the coming weeks we are going to be switching to a new wifi system that will be more powerful and user-friendly.

4. Excellent adult programs! Great job!

We’re glad you enjoy the programs – thanks for the feedback.

5. I love this library because it is cool.

Thanks for the feedback!

6. I would like to see more Christian DVDs and books (children’s & adults’).

We are considering adding additional titles.  Thanks for the suggestion!



April 2010

1. CNN Cable News Network in library.

We’ll consider this – thanks for the suggestion!

2. Please purchase DVDs:  Pick of Destiny, Kids, Dennis the Menace cartoon series; CDs by Alicia Keys, Jay Sean, Wisin y Yandel, Ludacris, Brian Mcnight; Magazine: Street Rodder.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I would like to have a wider selection in Christian movies and audiobooks.

We will consider adding more Christian movies and audiobooks.  Thanks for the suggestion.

March 2010

1. Have A Super Smash Bros. tournament for grades 5 and up. Currently you only have it for grades 7 and up.

We will hold a Super Smash Bros. tournament this summer for gaming enthusiasts in grades 4 -6.  Please check the library’s website in late May for registration information.

2. Please purchase:  CDs by Pit Bull, Tirano de Tijuana, Los Tucanos, Rob Thomas; DVD: Mafia with Lloyd Bridges; a triathlon magazine, more Pokemon ,Scooby Doo, Hogan’s Heroes, and Dick Van Dyke DVDs, Disney “Special Agent” books, a chronological Bible (NIV).

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Love the library. Just a thought; The Playaways can only be taken out for one week. I would love two weeks. One week just isn’t long enough for me.

We have changed the loan period for Playaways from one week to three weeks. Thank you for the suggestion!

4. Your Children’s librarian is always extremely kind and helpful.

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

5. When you need cases for books on CD, please consider purchasing ones that have cloth-like holders in the center.

The library purchases its CD cases in a very cost-effective way.  Unfortunately, the cases you suggest are cost-prohibitive.

6. It angers me to see the Library spend more money on entertainment DVDs than educational DVDs. Why can’t we stock the Library DVD section with educational films that nourish our minds, not dement them? I feel like my tax dollars support a free video store. Are you trying to run someone out of business?

Please understand that it is the mission of the library “to provide and promote a variety of library resources and services in response to the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs.”   In this respect, the Wauconda Area Library is very typical of public libraries in the area and nationwide.  The library’s entertainment DVD collection is an essential component of the collection as a whole, and is also one of the most popular item types here.   The library’s collection of educational DVDs and Blu-rays is growing in proportion to the DVD market that makes them available to us at affordable pricing.  Libraries coexist with video stores just as they coexist with multi-media book stores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.  Video stores provide far more copies of new movies than the library does, while the library provides a broader selection of titles from the past.  With the growing availability of movies via the Internet, via cable or satellite TV, and via Redbox, demand for popular DVDs as we have seen it in recent years is changing quickly. 

7. Why can’t you have a “Coming Soon” DVD list like Cook Memorial Library has?

Great idea – we’ll give this a try!

8. I really like your coffee bar! It’s much better than Lake Zurich’s (they only have powdered creamer).

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!  Not long ago, we actually added non-dairy creamer to our wide selection of condiments so that patrons who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy our coffees or teas.

9. I wish there weren’t such long breaks between the sessions of Children’s Storytime. It’s a great program!

We are happy to hear that you enjoy our preschool storytime programs.  Please understand that a lot of time and planning is needed to develop these high quality programs which we offer approximately 25 weeks each year. Registration for the summer session will begin the last Saturday of May – we hope your child will be able to participate!

February 2010

1. Your Reference librarians are very helpful!

Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate it!

2. Please purchase:  More Monarch butterfly books; DVDs: Desperate Housewives Season 5, Post Grad, Hachi, Smile, Twelve Days of Christmas.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. First let me start by saying that I love the library. I am an adult and I really like the Twilight series but I don’t have to time to sit and read…I wonder if you won’t consider putting them on IPod. We really need more YA books on IPod or MP3!

Yes – we will do this – thanks for the suggestion!

4. I do not understand why there needs to be a TV in the library.  No less in the Children’s section.  They should be reading or looking at books!

The special programming presented on the Early Literacy HDTV is specifically designed to encourage young children to learn to read.  We hope you will understand that we feel that all of the library’s new early literacy services are well suited to the library’s mission and are typical of public libraries in the area as well as nationwide.  Please refer to our new web page about these new services for further details:

5. When you need cases for books on CD, please consider purchasing ones that have cloth-like holders in the center.

We will consider this packaging. Thank you for the suggestion.

6. We could use some coat hooks in the Children’s Department for all the winter gear.

We will consider the options for providing coat hooks, but please be aware that the most secure place for one’s belongings in the library is the place where that person is seated.

7. The library and Children’s Department is wonderful. We love it here and participate in all the programs and shows. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback – we appreciate it!

8. More coat hooks, more drop-in fun classes (2 times a month), and a second computer play area.

We are happy to hear that you would like the library to offer more drop-in fun time programs, and will discuss this possibility when we schedule future programs.  It is likely that a second early literacy computer will be installed in the preschool area sometime later this year.  We will look into possible coat storage options, but please be aware that open wall space is at a minimum in the Children’s department – and the space that we do have will undoubtedly soon be needed for additional book ranges to accommodate collection growth. Thank you very much for your input! 


January 2010

1. What a nice feature your café is. Thank you for the free cup coupon!

We’re glad you enjoy it – thanks for the feedback!

2. Please purchase: CDs: Disturbed; DVDs: Smokin1 Aces 2, Doors, Prince of Tides, What’s Love Got to Do with It, Wolverine, Post Grad, Feast of Love, Bottle Shock, Gospel, Henry Poole I Here, Tennessee, Michael Jackson-This Is It.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please start the Wii games for Fremont Library card holders. My son is interested and we live in Liberty Lakes, so Fremont Library is far from us. I see that there are many Wii games not checked out, so pleases start it.

We reviewed the current Wii game restrictions for non-residents and have decided to leave them in place for now.  We continue to monitor the circulation of the games and plan to review this again in a few months. 

4. There shouldn’t be a TV in the kids’ area downstairs. I can’t come here anymore. Defeats the purpose of library. While I was here, every single parent agreed. Horrible idea!

Please understand that the new HDTV in the preschoolers area is one component among several key components in our new Early Childhood Literacy program, and as such it is very much in line with the library’s mission.  There is reason to believe that this is a very effective tool for teaching young children about the importance of reading and for developing their reading skills.  The HDTV does not present typical television programming at all.  Until now, the preschoolers' play area here provided minimal literacy-oriented activities -- it was mostly comprised of toys.  The HDTV is located and used very strategically to nurture preschoolers' reading skills, utilizing multimedia early literacy resources.  No cartoons, movies, or TV shows, with the exception of some high quality clips from inspirational, educational movies, such as IMAX documentaries.  Nearly everything shown on the HDTV is about the alphabet, numbers, words, stories, and books.  The toys are still there, but now while the children are playing, they have the opportunity to absorb some early literacy skills.  Along with this, parents will learn that television can be used intelligently to educate children, rather than simply for unchallenging amusement.  They will see some great literacy tools at work, and we hope they will check these tools out and use them at home.

Please note also that this wonderful new tool was paid for largely with private donations.

5. I appreciate the library offering movies, however, it would be nice if you could put right under the title if it is a “comedy” or “drama”.

Not sure what you are requesting - all movies are categorized and grouped together on the shelves using color-coded stickers that list the categories, such as the ones you mention.

6. You are doing very good work. Keep it up!

Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it!

7. It is a great service that you offer computer classes. It would be a lot better if you offered Windows 2007. Also, the introductory Internet and e-mail classes should be offered more than once a year since they fill up very quickly.

Please understand that the library has yet to make the switch to Windows Vista/7 or Office 2007, which would make it difficult to offer those computer classes.  Patrons would have to bring in their own laptops for instruction.  However, we will take this into consideration when planning future computer classes.

We do offer the Internet & Email Basics class once a newsletter, or four times per year.