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Suggestions - 2009

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December 2009

1. Please, please enforce the stop sign at the “walk crossing” to sidewalk of the library... I almost got hit because nobody wants to “stop”. It is not the first time it happened to me.

We are considering ways to more effectively encourage drivers to stop and yield to pedestrians.

2. Please purchase: CDs: Tenacious DPick of Destiny.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Stay open longer on Sundays. That’s when I come a lot. Four hours is not long enough.

At this time we are unable to expand library hours, due to budget constraints.

4. I love that you made the Cozy Corner Café so convenient.

We're glad you enjoy it - thanks for the feeback!

5. I just wanted to pay you a compliment. This is one of the nicest libraries I have been to. My previous favorite was at Duke.

We appreciate your compliment - it's nice to know our efforts are appreciated.

6. The past three craft sessions were great! $5.00 is so reasonable. Please have one every month...

We’re glad you enjoyed the craft programs.  We will take your comment into consideration when we plan future programs.

7. Why do you have four or more regular coffees yet took away the only two regular teas?

These teas have now been re-stocked - we apologize for this temporary void. We're glad to know these teas are appreciated.

November 2009

1. Put earphones on the counters upstairs because sometimes the computers are full.

Earphones are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk and can be used with the circulating laptops as well as the computers on Internet Row.

2. Please purchase: book Legally Sane; coffee: caramel vanilla; Xbox 360 games; DVDs Recount, Gilad Kids in Motion.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I really hate having the entry/exit to the library blocked from the High School!! Such an inconvenience!

Please understand that School District 118 has installed this gate in order to ensure that traffic flows as it should.  Unfortunately, many library users continued to exit using the high school entrance, creating a serious safety hazard.  The only way to ensure the safety of all concerned is to close off this entrance/exit.  We tried doing this with signs for two years, but many people ignored the “No Exit” signs, endangering themselves, drivers entering the high school lot, and pedestrians.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is the safest option.

4. I hope the entrance to the library will not be permanently blocked. Very inconvenient.

Please see the preceding response.

5. Please offer more seating in the café area.

We will consider this.

6. True Blood may be a popular DVD, but I found it offensive. It should not be here at the library.

Please understand that tastes vary from person to person.  Popularity and critical acclaim justify having this in the library’s collection.  Nearly every library in the North Suburban Library System owns this film.

7. The Library is incredibly important to me! I am a college student in Chicago, so when I come back here I need a place to study. The employees here are very courteous and helpful.

Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it!

October 2009

1. Get Xbox 360 games.

We will consider this.  Thank you.

2. Please purchase: Jessie James CD, Big Bang Theory DVD.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Your Reference Librarians are very helpful.

Thanks for your feedback!

4. After visiting another local library, I wish to say how pleased I am with our DVD collection here. The other system was alphabetized regardless of genre and the offering doesn’t stand up to our own. I enjoy the “Criterion Collection”. Keep them coming.

Thanks for your feedback – glad you like the new Criterion titles!

September 2009

1. I think the café and the coffee is another brilliant touch to an already pretty perfect library!

We’re glad to hear it!  We hope you visit often – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it! 

2. Please purchase: CDs: Kid Cudi, David Guetta; DVD: “How I Met Your Mother” seasons 1-5; computer game: “Math Missions”.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. The font on the new card catalog computers is too small.

We agree, and they have been fixed so the display is larger.

August 2009

1. Of all the places I have lived, your library is the best! Love it! Love it! Love it! It is the only thing I don’t even mind paying taxes for!

We’re glad to hear it!  We hope you visit often – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it! 

2. Please purchase: Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, White Sox theme songs; more material from science and depression, bipolar disorder, new books from India and DVDs, Benchwarmers.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Free food and drinks for valued customers.

We value ALL our customers!   The pricing structure of the self-serve Cozy Corner Café is designed so that the café pays for itself, so that those who do not use it are not paying for it.

4. Keep the Anime/Manga club!!!!

After much discussion, we have decided to discontinue the Anime/Club in the fall.  We will reevaluate this decision when we plan future programming.

5. I love this library! Your selection of books and movies is excellent. I like to listen to the books on tape and this place is always getting new books, which is wonderful! Love the coffee corner. The librarians are helpful and knowledgeable.

We’re glad to hear it!  We hope you visit often – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

6. I think all of the hot drinks should be 75¢ every week day from 5:00 to 7:00/9:00. For 18 and up, 50¢ per cup. Also charge 10¢ for unlimited cream, etc. $1.00 for a cup of coffee is a nice price, but me and (lots) of other people think that at night it should be cheaper.

We appreciate your suggestion and understand your reasoning, but the pricing structure of the self-serve Cozy Corner Café is designed so that the café pays for itself, so that those who do not use it are not paying for it.  If we were to charge less in the evening, we’d have to charge more the rest of the time.

7. Please make a drive-up window for handicapped people to pick up books, etc. It is so difficult to get up the ramp and almost impossible with an electric chair. You could develop one at your west lower level door. You also need to make more than three handicapped car spots at the ramp area.

We hope to have a drive-up window for the library someday.  This is likely to be added if and when we expand the facility, and the window would probably be located somewhat as you have stated.  Unfortunately, there is no more room for handicapped parking near the ramp.  The 3 existing spaces are usually adequate.  There are 2 additional spaces elsewhere in the parking lot.

8. I find the library’s method of printing to be especially cumbersome and I would like to suggest a simpler method. Why not just offer a coin slot or dollar feeder next to the main printer? Those like me who just need to “print and go” will appreciate another option.

We are in the planning stages of upgrading our current printing system, which will include a coin operated slot in addition to our current “debit card” system.  Once installed, we hope you will find the new system more user-friendly.

9. Need access to eBooks 24/7. Access available in Barrington Area Library for monthly subscription fee allows access to business, IT and computer books from home computer if library buys this subscription.

Thank you for the suggestion.  We will investigate this eBook subscription option. 

10. I love this library! Thank you!

We’re glad to hear it!  We hope you visit often – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it! 

July 2009

1. Question about why certain items in the library are limited to “Wauconda” card holders only (Wii games in particular). We have been coming to this library for years, as it is the closest to us, but we happen to be in McHenry County. This does not seem fair to limit to certain people.

We hope you understand that the “Wauconda cardholder” limit was placed on the Wii games due to their popularity and the small size of our starting collection.  As the collection grows, we will look into the possibility of lifting the borrowing restrictions.

2. Please purchase DVDs: House Bunny, 28 Weeks Later, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, Supernatural, more Anime, more History Channel and Discovery Channel specials Closer, Dexter; Barbara Hambly books; Pokemon Diamond 3, Pearl Pokedex, Primo official game guide vol. 2.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I was very disappointed to make a special trip to the library today with my daughter to attend the Tot Time that I saw on your schedule only to be turned away at the door for not registering.

We regret that you were unaware of the registration guidelines regarding Children’s programs and hope that you and your daughter will be able to participate in the upcoming fall session of ToddlerTime.  We include registration information on all monthly activity calendars available at the Children’s reference desk as well as on the library’s web site so that group size never exceeds manageable limits.

4. You need to post a sign on the Internet Row computers (the sound-enabled ones) that says “If you do not need a sound-enabled computer please use the CRC computers”.

We will consider this suggestion.  Thank you.

5. I think you guys are doing a very good job. You have so much to do here and I love the café.

We hope you visit often – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

6. Thank you for having clean bathrooms! Great library!

You’re more than welcome – thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

7. You should let all your contests go up to 8th grade, not 6th, please.

The activities in the Children’s department are for kids in preschool through grade six.  Please check out the “Zone” upstairs – you’ll see that the library offers lots of fun stuff for teens!

8. I have used this library many, many times with my kids. It is a great resource, with a nice staff. However, I find time and again that kids (old enough to be taught) yell, talk loudly, etc. and no one from the staff responds. It’s unfortunate that this should be an issue, but for those who are reading or playing quietly, it is.

Although the Children’s librarians attempt to maintain a peaceful (though characteristically lively) environment, there are occasions when the noise level rises in our busy Children’s department.  Please feel free to speak to the staff member at the Children’s reference desk if you find the noise intrusive; we want the library to be a welcoming place for all who visit!

June 2009

1. All of the computer stations in the library have the keyboards set on the monitor shelves, i.e. too high. To avoid a carpel tunnel epidemic, I suggest keyboard trays be installed under the monitor shelves.

The library has used keyboard trays in the past for staff and public workstations, and we have found these to be problematic and costly.  We will consider these in the future, as the technology related to these improves.

2. Please purchase: David Garrett CDs, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince DVD.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. I really like the Cozy Corner Café. It makes this library awesome!

We are glad you enjoy it.  Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

4. I suggest that people shouldn’t have to type in their library card number to get on the computer.

Patrons who want to use the computers in the Adult Services department scan their library cards – at a dedicated reservation station - to access the public computers.  However, the equipment and reservation process are a little different in the Children’s department to make the network easier for children to use.

5. I love this library. It’s the best!

We are glad you enjoy it.  Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

6. Your supply of “books-on-tape” on cassette seems to be dwindling. Unfortunately, the CDs are a totally inappropriate medium, as they are too large and awkward to handle in a moving vehicle….When do you expect to retire these dinosaurs and go back to the only workable medium, cassette tapes?

We appreciate your preference, but there are many who would argue that CDs provide better sound quality and are easier to use than audiocassettes.  We do not have any plans to purchase audiobooks on cassette.  We are happy to order any titles of interest through interlibrary loan.  We are also investigating a new type of audiobook format, the MP3 CD, which holds an entire audiobook on one CD.

May 2009

1. I love our library. It’s a warm and friendly and clean and quiet place to spend time in. The new electric fireplace is lovely with its sitting area and the whole café concept is awesome. One of my favorite places in Wauconda. Keep up the great work that you do!

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

2. Please purchase: Kevin Rudolf CD, Bill Hooper CDs, new books on India, more DVDs on India, Modern Marvels, History Channel and PBS DVDs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. This is such a beautiful children’s area! Love the puppets, books, and all the creativity (drop-in crafts). Keep up the great work! My kids love the children’s center!

Thanks for your kind words! We are happy to learn that your family enjoys coming to the library!

4. Chatty librarians at the Reference Desk need to quiet down. This area is right next to the study room and they often distract me.

We took this opportunity to remind staff that we need to pay more attention to this and keep our own conversations to a minimum.  Thank you for the comment.

5. I love everything about this library. It’s organized and clean. My kids can’t get enough of this library; they just love it here!

We appreciate your compliment!  We hope you and your children enjoy many pleasurable hours here!

6. Your  librarians are very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

April 2009

1. You have done a good job of making the Library an entertainment center and a pleasant place; however, you need a few isolated spots to service study/focus.

Thank you for your comments.  We have a Quiet Study Room available, which is a quiet space in the library where there is no talking or cell phone use allowed.  The library also offers a small tutoring room available as an additional quiet space.  Appointments for the tutoring room can be made up to 14 days in advance at the Adult Services Reference Desk.

2. Please purchase: Saw movies, Waltons season 9, more Christian fiction and non-fiction.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Can you make a rule that you can eat only food that you get here? Teens are bringing in McDonalds and Taco Bell after school, putting the food and papers around the computer. The mess and smell is bad!

Thank you for your comments.  We agree and are looking into revising our current policy.

4. Please make a list of the fish in the fish tank.

We will ask our aquarium service for this information.  Thanks for the suggestion!

5. Please provide adult and adolescent Spanish as a second language classes.

Thank you for the idea.  We will consider your request!

6. I would like to see cooking classes for kids offered more often.

The Children’s staff will discuss offering more cooking classes when we plan future programs. Thanks for your input!

7. When scheduling movies for preschoolers next year, can you please do some on Monday or Friday?

We have been varying the days that the Movies for Preschoolers programs have been presented and will continue to do so.  Hopefully some of the upcoming dates will be convenient for your family!

8. Hot cocoa should be 75¢ on Tuesdays.

We’ll give that some thought – not sure why you suggest Tuesdays.  We will occasionally have some sale prices, so please keep an eye out!

9. The Library is excellent value for our taxpayer dollars! The personnel are always polite and courteous and helpful; they are to be highly commended.

Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it!

10. This is the finest library I have come to.

Thanks for your feedback, too – it means a lot to us!

11. Offer more computer classes. They seem to fill extremely fast!

We aim to offer a variety of computer classes based on registration and feedback we receive.  We will take your suggestion into consideration when planning future classes.

March 2009

1. Every time I have a question at the Reference Desk, it is answered in such a friendly manner. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it!

2. Please purchase DVDs: Yellow Submarine, Unborn, Last House on the Left.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. It would be nice if you maybe started some kind of painting class for adults.

Thank you for the idea.  We will consider your request!

4. That we be allowed to request to hold newly released DVDs.

Unfortunately, doing this would result in needlessly making these high-demand items unavailable for days while we wait for the people who place holds to come check them out.  We hope you will understand that this would cause many more problems than it would solve, and would not be cost-effective.

5. I am happy that a person answers your phone instead of a machine.

Thanks for the feedback – we think that this personal touch is an important part of providing good service.

6. The library is great! The only suggestion: change the height of the bookshelves – more kid-friendly to grab. (example: Lake Zurich & Mundelein libraries)

Most of the shelving ranges in the Children’s department are really rather low in height; the only tall ranges are those that contain the juvenile fiction and series collections, which target older (and generally taller!) children.

7. Because our four year old has preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays, there is no chance to participate in any library activities on these days. Could there be another activity session on another day scheduled for her age group?

As we plan future preschool storytime sessions, we will take your suggestion into consideration and make adjustments to our program scheduling.  Thanks for your input!

February 2009

1. I really enjoy the activities at the Library, especially the book discussions. I hope you do not cut these services due to the bad economic conditions.

Thank you for your comments.  We recognize the important role that book discussions have in programming at our library.  Despite the bad economic times, we have no plans to discontinue them.  We hope you continue to enjoy and participate in the discussions!

2. Please purchase DVDs: Mondo Endura, Terra Circa, One Man’s Island, Secret Diary of a Call Girl,; CDs by Akon, Kevin Rudolph.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. A movie buff board where people can post opinions about the current movies. A movie list of must-sees.

Due the high traffic area where the movies are located, there is no good place to have a board that is accessible for people to write down their comments.  Please also understand that a board like that would have to be constantly monitored, which we would not be able to do.  We will look into creating different movie lists.  Thanks for the ideas!

4. I like your coffee area and the free coupons you give and the children’s reading classes.

Thank you – we appreciate your feedback!

5. Why are you buying so many old and forgotten movies? No one wants, or is interested in them.

It is not the mission of a public library to provide only the new and most popular items.  Just as public libraries provide access not only to great books from the present, we provide access to many great movies and musical recordings, many of which are from the past or event the distant past.  This library’s usage statistics indicate that more than two thirds (178,000) of DVD checkouts here are DVDs that were no longer cataloged as “NEW.”  Many thousands of these were old titles.   

6. I just wanted to let you know that of all the libraries I have visited (and there have been many), your library has the absolute nicest, friendliest staff I’ve ever come across. Even over the phone. I can’t get over how helpful and, well, just plain nice every person I have spoken to has been! (And by the way, I really appreciate that you don’t have an automated phone system and I can actually speak to a person!) So thank you!

Thanks you for your kind words – we greatly appreciate your appreciation!


January 2009

1. Please provide more AC outlets in the Quiet Study Room. There are only two different areas available.

Thank you for the suggestion.  We are looking into several possible solutions for adding more outlets in the Quiet Study Room.

2. Please purchase DVDs: Long Way Down, Without a Paddle, Medea’s Family Reunion, Slap Shot 3, Animalia, Wrong Turn 2, Black Ship, Bone Collector; CDs by Akon, Bob Marley., Scorpions.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. The new counters at the Circulation Desk are gorgeous! Everything looks brighter as we enter now!

Thank you for noticing!  The old counter was 11 years old and was showing its age.

4. My thought is, for me, the library is too small compared to Lake Zurich and Barrington. I think you should be open until 9:00 p.m. all week.  You should have more fun reading activities to keep them busy.

Thanks for your thought!  We have already started the long process of evaluating our facility.  Expansion is not planned at this time, but is a possibility in three or four years.  We expanded our hours last summer by staying open on Sundays through the summer.  Any further expansion of hours at this time is cost-prohibitive and inappropriate relative to the low usage expected during evening hours on the weekend.

5. There is a big Polish population in this area, so can we have some Polish books for kids and adults, please.

The Adult Services Department has a small collection of over 75 fiction and non-fiction titles, located near the Literacy section.  Please let us know if you have purchase recommendations.

6. I just wanted to praise and thank you for offering a selection of Blu Ray disc media to your patrons.  While the section is only a couple rows of titles at this time (about 100) it is still nice to have the best available source of picture and audio quality available to us.  As I'm sure you may be aware the Blu Ray format is experiencing a huge growth rate right now even in this down economy while dvds remain flat or down.  I'd love to see the section expand in time as studios continue to release more titles on the format.

We’re glad you appreciate this collection!  The Blu-ray collection will expand quickly as prices come down a bit and demand increases.  It is our goal to keep up with the latest entertainment technology.