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Suggestions - 2007

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December 2007

1.  Could we please have a daytime non-fiction book club?

For now, at least, we have determined that one non-fiction book club meets the general demand, and that the evening time best accommodates the majority of our attendees.  We’ll consider this again periodically, but for now, we hope you are able to attend our evening book club.

2. DVDs: Newhart, Bugs Bunny/Foghorn Leghorn, Time Out Chicago magazine, more Manga!

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. You should get a pop machine.

We are considering adding beverage service in the near future.  For now, please be aware that drinks in the library are permitted, as long as they are covered.

4. Shelve all the Sherlock Holmes DVDs together.

In order to avoid confusing library patrons, it is necessary to provide consistent cataloging for books and all other library materials.  The DVDs are located first by genre (i.e., action, comedy, etc.) and then by title.  If you would like to find all of our Sherlock Holmes DVDs, the online catalog is a great way to do this – simply type in “Sherlock Holmes” and “DVD” as keywords.  Otherwise, we’ll be happy to help you find the DVDs your looking for.

5. On last Sunday, all the ad sections, funnies and magazines of the Saturday & Sunday papers were missing! We could not see the post-Christmas ads. I know sometimes people cut out coupons, but that is no reason to keep the taxpayers from them. It is not fair for just your employees to get to read and use them!!

Please rest assured that library employees do not keep the newspaper inserts for themselves.  On that particular day, there was some concern for the security of the inserts, and they were kept at the Circulation for patrons to borrow for use within the library.  If we do this again in the future, we will provide clearer instructions for our patrons – we apologize for the confusion!

November 2007

1.  My 2nd grade class at Transfiguration loves Tumblebooks. Thank you!

We’re glad the students love Tumblebooks – we think it’s a great way to make reading even more fun!

2. DVDs: Walking with Dinosaurs, 7th Heaven, All Creatures Great & Small, Inside the Actors Studio, Peppa Pig, Redwall series, cartoons; Learning Through History magazine.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Your Circulation staff was very helpful to me!

Thank you for the nice comment.

4. Excellent presentation (Iraq in Context: a Global Society) on November 7th. My compliments for arranging the program. Would appreciate more presentations of this caliber.

Thanks for the feedback – we plan to provide more programs like this.

5. There are too many teens keeping PCs reserved while they’re not using them. This is a frustration. 1.) There is an entire floor dedicated to children, that’s where children should be. Put PCs down there for their usage. 2.) Teens should have a limit of one login, not two, per day. 3.) If someone does not claim their reservation within a specified time, it should be forfeit.

The PC Reservation system allows 10 minutes for reservations to be utilized.  If after 10 minutes the reservation is not activated, the computer will become available for use.  Teens in grades 7 and up are served by the Adult Services Department upstairs.  Please understand we can not limit computer usage by teens.  The library strives to ensure that the public has equal access to the computers.  For additional computer access during our busy times, laptops are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk and can be used for up to 2 hours anywhere in the library. 

6. We attended our first mother-daughter reading club meeting. I loved the book (Esperanza Rising) and really enjoy the opportunity for my 4th grader to learn and grow through this new experience. The book was much deeper than she’s been used to and I was glad for that choice. Thanks. Enjoyed the Reiki class also!

We are happy to learn that you and your daughter enjoyed the book club. It is our hope that the sharing of wonderful literature, accompanied by the sharing of personal insights and reflections, will make this program a pleasure for all!

7. I really need a Microsoft beginning Word class on either Thursday or Friday.

Thanks.  We will take it into consideration, but we’re at the mercy of our instructors who have additional teaching jobs.

8. It would be great if you could have a daytime non-fiction book club.

We hope to have a daytime non-fiction book club in the coming months – please stay tuned!

October 2007

1.  I have a great suggestion. In the bathroom I see women putting their “stuff” and books on the floor. We should have a small desk or table.

Thanks – we plan to add a table or counter to the common area of the bathroom.

2. CDs: Brooke Hogan music, the Royal Guardsmen, Jimmy Eat World, Santana, Catty Ever After;  DVDs: Mulholland Falls, Upright Citizens Brigade, Dark Ride, Penny Dreadful, Laguna Beach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; magazines: Guitar World, Guitar Player; new book by Michael Dibdin; more Hannah Montana stuff.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. About no parking in front of the library. People do not see the “No Parking:” sign painted on the curb. I think you need a sign saying “No Parking – Drop Off/Pick Up Only”. It’s hard to get in and out when people park there.

We’ll consider additional signage for this spot.

4. The new shelves are too close together.

Thanks for the suggestion -- the new display shelves have now been set further apart and at a greater angle in order allow more people to view the books at any given time.

September 2007

1.  I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for your making audiobooks available on iPod. It makes my three hours on the road useful time everyday and saves me the trouble of obtaining audiobooks and loading them to my own iPod. Thank you again.

You’re welcome! 

2.  Please purchase: DVDs: My Girl and My Girl 2; Mickey Newbury CDs; Dragonball, Kanpoi and more Dragon Hunter graphic novels

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Your Reference Librarian does a fantastic “above & beyond the call of duty” thanks for having such a helpful employee.

Thanks for your nice compliment!

4. Add a classics section to your video collection. i.e. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

We’ll consider this – good suggestion!

5. Would it be possible to vary the days and start times of the movies for preschoolers? For those of us who have preschoolers (at school) we always miss them because they are on Tuesday. He goes to school Tuesday & Thursday. Also vary start times so we could bring our other children. We had a similar problem last year.

The Children’s staff will be happy to consider your requests when they plan for future programs.  Thanks for your suggestions regarding movie presentations! 

6. The staff in every area is always extremely pleasant and a true pleasure to come into contact with. I love this library! Thank you, thank you!

Thank you very much!  We’re happy to be of service -- we love the community we serve!

August 2007

1.  I was surprised how many other teens and pre-teens like anime. I think there should be a larger selection.

Thank you for your interest in the library’s Anime collection.  This last month we enhanced the Anime collection with recommendations made by our Teen Anime Club. They include the first 5 DVDs in the Flame of Recca series and the latest two DVDs in the Azumanga  Daioh series.  The series Tsubasa will be shown at the next Teen Anime meeting on September 21 and then the DVDs will be available for checkout.  If you have titles that you would like to recommend, please stop by the Adult Reference desk or fill out a Suggestion form at the Information Desk.  We appreciate your input!

2.  Please consider a stop sign, or a more prominently displayed sign to designate that pedestrians do have the right to cross on the printed pedestrian zone. Many drivers are being too aggressive and not letting patrons cross. It is a dangerous situation. Thank you for your consideration; I would not want any pedestrians to be struck by an automobile.

We have greatly improved pedestrian safety in the past year by adding signage, striping, curbs, and sidewalks.  There is, in fact, a sign that is intended to do as you are requesting.   We will consider installing a similar sign at the lower end of the parking lot, though.  Thanks for your suggestion.

3. Visit Lake Zurich library. See how a library is to be kept a library and not a zoo, for which Wauconda is famous. All kids and their computers downstairs. Please.

We visit neighboring libraries often in order to compare notes with respect to how those libraries operate.  We need you to be more specific – children and children’s computers are, in fact, located downstairs at the Wauconda Area Library.

4. Could PC Reservation slips be in large print? Too hard to read for older people.

We will try to provide larger print – thanks!

5. Children/adolescents/teenagers should have their own computer area. They are noisy and disrespectful.

Children do, in fact, have their own computer area downstairs.  Teens, on the other hand, do not have their own area and are sometimes too noisy.  Please let us know when you notice misbehavior and we will handle the problem.  We have policies that prohibit this behavior and we will enforce them.

6. I think the Library should have that earring beading thing again. It as very fun for me.

Thanks for your feedback – we’ll consider this in planning future programs.

July 2007

1.  One again the library came up with great programs for the summer. The Becket Boys were a lot of fun and my vacation this year will be in upper Michigan after listening to Eric Hansen. And, as always, the music and film selections are great. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback – we aim to please, and are happy to hear it when we do!

2.  Please purchase: DVDs: Gilgamesh series, Monarch of the Glen

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Can you please use English subtitles for movie night? I am hearing impaired and miss much of the dialog. Although the sound is loud, the dialog is 50% lost to me and my friend.

English subtitles for English-language movies are a distraction for most people – that’s why most movie theaters do not do this.  We encourage you to check out the DVD’s and watch these movies at home, where you can select the various DVD features that are available and that meet your needs.

4. The trip to Navy Pier was just wonderful from beginning to end…all-in-all, I can’t imagine a better day, a better value for $50!!

We’re glad you enjoyed it – we agree that it’s a great value, and we’re glad to see our patrons take advantage of it.

5. Just wanted to convey my thanks for a wonderful trip to Navy Pier. The trip was beautifully organized…the whole package was wonderful and the little extras like water and chocolate on the way home were a big hit too! Thanks for the delightful day and I am looking forward to more opportunities to travel with you! You all outdid yourselves!

Glad you enjoyed it – there will be plenty more such trips in the future, thanks to your feedback.

6. Our book club appreciates the care given to getting the books we want when we want them and in extending our time with the books when necessary. When one book we had chosen had some bad language right at the beginning, and your librarian was informed about it, she said to just return the books and within 30 minutes had emailed several suggestions that would replace that book. Now that’s service!

We greatly encourage people to participate in book clubs – they’re a great way to make a great reading experience even greater!  We’re glad to help!

7. Have a “patrons’ top choices” (or such) of favorite movies. They could also have stars on movies and dots on duds (or whatever) for sensitive material. (Great movies but may have some soft porn, etc.)

Thanks for the suggestion.  We’re considering ways to let patrons make their recommendations for specific titles of books, DVD’s and CD’s.  Please stay tuned!

8. Regarding the week five prize for the K-PreK ages. I don’t really feel baseball size suckers made in China are an appropriated prize for kids in general in this day with the problem of childhood obesity while the older kids are getting water bottles and such. You should at least be able to exchange for something else. The Summer Reading Club is a great idea and we hope to participate next summer with (hopefully) more appropriate prizes.

Although our candy prizes have generally been very popular and well received, we recognize that some children cannot consume treats due to dietary restrictions, dental braces, or general family policies regarding sweets.  Please feel free to ask the Children’s librarian for a substitute prize if candy is unacceptable to you.

9. I’m a big Books-on-Tape listener/reader. Please don’t buy any more books on cassette. They are so inconvenient. Do buy more audiobooks!

Thanks – we agree with you!  We no longer purchase books on cassette – we now purchase audiobooks on CD’s and iPods, and in downloadable format so you can even download them to your home computer.  We are steadily increasing our number of audiobook titles, and we are starting to buy multiple copies for the most popular items.

10. Please have MS Excel (class) during the day.

We’ll consider this – thanks for the suggestion.

11. I live two miles away from this library. I cannot use some of the privileges at this library because I have a Fremont library card. It is not by choice...Please find a solution to this. Maybe you can take the distance between the library and the residence into consideration.

Thank you for your comments as we understand your frustration on this issue.  Please remember that as a reciprocal borrower you are able to take advantage of most of the services that we offer to our own cardholders.   However, the library boundaries are determined by the state and we are required to comply to library district laws and guidelines.

12. I think it would be a good idea to let people use the computers for a third session if they are available. It is ridiculous to deny the usage when at least five or six computers are available. If it is kids that want to play games on the computer, then they should be denied a third session. Thank you.

We’ll consider ways in which we might be able to accommodate patrons who wish to have a third session when computers are clearly available.  Please keep in mind that we must work within the parameters of the PC Reservation software, and that this software has generally done a great job of ensuring that more patrons get more computer time.

13. The library is too cold. Please adjust the temperature down. Save the cost. Low tax for village.

Please understand that in the summer many people come to the library to get some relief from the heat.  We try to keep the building at a temperature which pleases the largest number of people.  In a building this size, it is difficult to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the building.  We frequently make adjustments to the thermostat, depending on the weather.  Please let us know at the Information Desk if you feel the temperature is uncomfortable.

June 2007

1.  Please return to having suggestions for mystery writers. It’s very helpful and personal.

We provide several ways to find the mystery authors you will enjoy.  Please go to the library’s home page and click on our New Items link under “Quick Picks” or click on our Hot Reads link.  These will help guide you to some books you’ll enjoy.  We are also planning future book displays which highlight out Mystery collection.  We also encourage you to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk – our staff will be happy to assist you in finding authors you enjoy!

2.  Please purchase: DVDs: Sicko, T.D. Jakes, Beth Moore, Painted Veil, North by Northwest, Daddy’s Little Girls, The Covenant, My Cousin Rachel, Random Harvest; more Playaways with Stephen King novels, Wizard of Oz, or Where the Red Fern Grows; books by Beth Moore.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please put a “No Cell Phones” sign on the Quiet Room door. Thanks!

We will put up a sign – thanks for the suggestion.

4. Do a “Halo” competition.

We hope you will understand that because of the violent, shoot-‘em-up nature of the Halo video game series, it is not likely that the library will sponsor such a competition.  We have sponsored Dance Dance Revolution competitions, though, and will consider other suggestions.

5. Please turn down the air conditioner. It’s too cold in the building and in the Quiet Room, that I am in studying. The more air we have, the more tax we pay.

Please understand that in the summer many people come to the library to get some relief from the heat.  We try to keep the building at a temperature which pleases the most people.  In a building this size, it is difficult to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the building.  We frequently make adjustments to the thermostat, depending on the weather.  Please let us know at the Information Desk if you feel the temperature is uncomfortable.

6. Could someone please ask children to stop running and being loud?

Please understand that the Children’s department is extraordinarily busy this time of year, as over one thousand children participate in the summer reading club, and numerous day camps and preschools come to the library each week.  With so many patrons visiting the library, sometimes the noise and activity levels elevate, particularly in the preschool play area.  While the Children’s staff make every effort to maintain a (relatively) calm environment, please feel free to speak to the librarians if you find the noise level uncomfortable the next time you visit.

7. I really think you need to do something about letting people go on the computer when they forget their library card. This is a major problem since I have to walk so far from the parking lot because of the construction without parking so close.

We generally require people to have their library card on hand in order to use the library’s computer applications other than the online catalog.  We are considering ways to accommodate people who have forgotten their card, such as a guest pass.  Please understand, though, that the library card requirement is intended to ensure your own protection as well as to ensure the optimal use of the library’s high-demand computer resources.

8. It would be great if you kept the iPods up (more often), especially best sellers.

Several new iPods will be available in July with current best selling fiction and non-fiction.

9. Me gustaria que dieran cursos de ingles. [It would be nice if you offered English classes.]

Esperamos ofrecer cursos de Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) en el futuro.  Por favor, revise nuestro calendario de actividades o pregunte de nuevo en agosto y diciembre. [We hope to provide English as a Scond Language (ESL) classes in the future.  Please check our program schedule or inquire again in August and December.]

May 2007

1.  Me and both kids love the storytime by Miss Katie. We always look forward to it. Thanks!

We are happy to hear that you and your children enjoy our storytime.  Thanks for the kind comments!

2.  Please purchase: DVDs: 7th Heaven, Amerikana, Waltons; magazines: Camp Life, Canoe & Kayak.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. You have a great DVD selection. Thanks.

Thanks for the compliment!

4. I would love to have a group or class that was fun for children with special needs. Also, do you ever offer parent-child reading classes or something like that for 3-5 year olds?

The Children’s Services staff will discuss your suggestions for both programs during their next planning session.  Thanks so much for your input!

April 2007

1.  Regarding the new system of waiting in line: Please consider using cordon ribbons and connecting poles (just like the airport check-in). The one sign is absolutely unnoticeable, and when the librarians ask people to line up behind the sign, people are unknowingly walking by and cutting into the check-out area when the current patron is finished. The current system needs to be changed to insure the waiting order is done fairly

Thank you for your comments.  Actually, a new system has been ordered and we are hopeful that it will help alleviate this problem.  Thanks for your patience during this transition period!

2.  Please purchase: “Please Don’t Eat the Teacher” in Spanish, Nancy Drew audiobooks, soundtrack for the movie “Blood Diamond”, books and audiobooks by P.G. Wodehouse, the movie “She’s All That”,

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Please start resurfacing/cleaning the DVD movies when they come in from being checked out. Every DVD we’ve checked out skips. Every one and it’s beyond frustration. Please address this situation ASAP.

Unfortunately we don’t have the time or staff to resurface/polish/clean every DVD of the hundreds that are returned every day. When you return your DVDs, please let us know of any you have had a problem with and we will be happy to restore them.

4. Lower the thermostat in the Children’s Department. It is always too hot!

Every spring, the library air system is switched from furnace to air conditioning only once.  Until the switch is made, there are parts of the library that may seem warm on a warm spring day, because the air conditioner has not yet been turned on. Once the air conditioner is turned on, these same parts of the library might seem cold on a cool day.   In any building of this size, with such larch open spaces, there will be times when the temperature in certain spots is not the ideal temperature.  Please keep in mind that we are doing our best to ensure the comfort of all patrons.

5. I just wanted to let you know that I am offended once again by the decision that this library made about ordering books for the Children’s Department (Wizardology). I don’t see the educational purpose in spending out tax dollars on the book. What is your criteria in choosing this book? Don’t get me wrong – I love this library and the educational materials that have been provided here. Let’s work together to order good quality educational books that will teach wholesome values to our children.

More than 170 libraries in Illinois own this popular, well reviewed book and most of these libraries include it in their children’s collection.  The Children’s Services department purchases resources that serve the informational, educational and recreational needs and interests of children from birth through fifth grade.  These needs and interests vary from child to child and family to family, which is why public libraries encourage parents to guide their children in the selection of materials.  We appreciate your interest in the Children’s collection and would be happy to assist you in identifying and locating resources that will serve the needs of your family.

6. I found some inappropriate material in the children’s section in plain view (Dragonology, Wizardology)…I don’t believe parents would like their children reading these books…I recommend books that are wholesome and teach our children good moral values.

Please see above response.

March 2007

1.  Computer labs for adults (professionals) only. Please separate adults from kids (Grade, Jr. High, High School) in computer usage. Kids are disruptive, nuisance, annoyance, etc.

The Adult Services Department Computer Resource Center has two closed computer labs for private computer use.  Children below 6th grade are not allowed to use computers in this area.  If anyone is causing disruption please alert an Adult Services Reference Librarian who will immediately address the situation. 

2.  Please purchase: “Ages of Empire 3” computer game; “ Muzzy Spanish”, “Becker”, “Little House on the Prairie” season 9 , “Fox and the Hound” DVDs; “Katie Kazoo Switcheroo”, Terry C. Johnston books; K-Ci and Jo-Jo “All My Life”,  Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs; Better Then One Day CDs.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3. Great CD collection!! The best I’ve found at any library, Schaumburg, Gurnee etc. Not only for content but for organization.

Thanks for the compliment.  We use ANSCR—Alpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings, which allows recordings to be arranged into 46 categories for easy searching. 

February 2007

1.  It would be nice if the Library had a DVD/VHS machine in a room (or quiet area) where patrons could view movies while in the library.

We’ll consider this.  Please keep in mind that we already provide laptop computers for in-house use.  You can play DVD’s on these and listen with earphones while sitting anywhere in the upper level of the library.

2.  Please purchase: “Brother Odd” audiobook; “Fox and Hound II” video; “Cars” soundtrack.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3.  Please do something for Women’s History Month! Can you do a display?

We have planned a display in the Adult Services Department to celebrate this month.

4.  I really enjoyed the program “Cook’s Guide to the Internet”

We are glad you enjoyed this program.

5. You should have a video game section.

We have no plan to purchase video games at this time, but we consider this periodically.

6. You should have a pop machine and a vending machine.

We are considering this for the coming year.

7. In your periodical newsletter increase size of type for programs requiring registration. Example: a presentation was cancelled, possibly because people didn’t know prior registration was required.

Thanks for the suggestions. We did this with the upcoming April-May Focus newsletter and placed the Registration information at the top of the pages.

8. I just wanted to let you know that the Library had some great classes this winter. The Library is doing a great job offering the public great classes – keep up the great work!

Thank you.  We appreciate your compliments.

9. Please offer more advanced computer classes.

We are open to suggestions.  We offer classes that are consistently in demand by patrons.  Please contact the Adult Services Reference Desk at your convenience.

January 2007

1.  What are you doing for Women’s History Month (March)?

The Adult Services Department is planning a Women’s History Month book display with bookmarks for this month.

2. Please purchase: Titan magazines “24” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, TV Guide magazine; DVDs: Fearless, Metropolitan, Miami Vice Season 2; books: “A Pig Named Perrier”, Sheetzucacapoo”; Ages of Empires III computer game; CD: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

These are being considered for purchase.  Thanks for the suggestions!

3.  We attended the mother/daughter craft program and really enjoyed it. It would be great to have a Spring one and a 4th of July flag beading for separate ages K-2 and 3rd-5th.

Thank you for the suggestions.  We will take these into consideration. 

4.  We just finished the mother/daughter sun catcher craft and it was wonderful! Thank you for offering so many fun and family-friendly programs.

Thank you for your compliments.  We are glad you are enjoying the programs. 

5. Please start carrying Haines Criss Cross Directory. Should be and is in most libraries!

This nine volume, reverse look-up directory of listed phone numbers is available in print or on CD-ROM, and covers only the Chicago suburbs.  More comprehensive is the Reference USA online database to which the library subscribes.  It contains reverse lookup of listed phone numbers along with several categories of information for 210 million residents in the U.S.  It is available for use in the library or from home.

6. You need a moving sidewalk in your library.

Unfortunately, this is cost-prohibitive.

7. Possibly having a larger selection of Monarch books instead of the 20 listed books. Otherwise, all you do is fantastic!!  No complaints!

The Monarch Award books are specific titles selected by a committee of Illinois school media specialists each year.  Although hundreds are read and evaluated, only twenty are chosen as nominees for this annual “children’s favorite” book award contest.  The 2008 list will be released soon, and the new books will be available on the “Monarch Books” shelving unit in the Children’s department in early June.

8. You should be able to get your child’s card number if he forgets it.

In order to answer this question, we need to know the circumstances surrounding this question.  Did you need the card to check out?  Did you need the card to use the computer?  Whatever the specific situation was, we recommend that patrons always bring their library card with them to the library since we require the library card to check out or to reserve a computer.  If the card has been lost, we will replace the card for a $2.00 replacement fee.  (If you are the parent of a child and the child was with you at the library, you can use your card to check out items for your child with your library card)  Please call the library and ask for x207 if your question did not get answered or if you have any other concerns regarding library card usage.

9. I was very upset to see out wonderful children’s library ordered these three books: “Tales of Horror: Ghosts”, Tales of Horror: Zombie”, “Tales of Horror: Werewolves” by Jim Pipe. Why should the library use the money to purchase these awful books for our children? We (the library) should use it to purchase good, wholesome, educational books that will benefit the entire community and society. Those books do not benefit the reasons listed above. Please pull these books off the shelves. Please feel free to contact me. Our family has benefited greatly from this library. Let’s keep up the good work by ordering good wholesome books.

The Children’s Services department purchases resources that serve the informational, educational and recreational needs and interests of children from birth through fifth grade.  These needs and interests vary from child to child and family to family, which is why public libraries encourage parents to guide their children in the selection of materials.  We appreciate your interest in the Children’s collection and would be happy to assist you in identifying and locating resources that will serve the needs of your family. 

10. I keep finding inappropriate books for children exposed on the shelf. “Tales of Ghosts” and “Tales of Zombies” by Jim Pipe. The children’s section of the library is for children and very often there are little children there. For them to be exposed to these kinds of books with frightening pictures is appalling. They should not be in areas where little children can find them.

Since the Children’s department serves children from birth through fifth grade, the Children’s collection contains resources that will meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests of all children as they grow and develop.  Books or videos that are appropriate and appealing for pre-teens might not be suitable for very young children, yet both age groups are served by the same department.  It is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children when they visit the Children’s department and to guide them in the selection of library resources appropriate for their family. 

11. I have a 6th grader and I don’t believe that he is ready to have to be upstairs. He is young for his age and grade and there are kids and materials upstairs that I don’t feel he is ready for. Also, the kids upstairs are quite rowdy and use the library as a hangout, and quite frankly, I’d rather have my children downstairs to get their work done. They feel comfortable and safe downstairs. Please take this into consideration. Also, if a highschooler is downstairs with a sibling or a parent, I wish they would be allowed to stay downstairs. Thank you.

We understand your dilemma and plan to revisit this policy in the near future.

12. Should do a rating poll so patrons can rate the new DVDs, so other patrons can see what others think. Make it to where the “new” go to “regular”, people can still see the ratings.

An interesting suggestion!  Unfortunately, this would be cost-prohibitive, because of the labor involved.  We recommend that if you want to know what other people think of a movie, visit

13. Please keep an old computer system here after the changeover for those of us who still have floppy disks to convert to CD-ROM.

We will add a floppy drive to one or two workstations.  When we upgrade our computers, though, it is because of the higher demands of the new software, most of which will not work well on the older computers.